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Laws of in Dentistry 1. If one assistant doesn’t approve of your work, ask the other one. 2. Composite is more easily adhered to the applicator tool than the tooth. 3. Single crowns can fly away at any time into another dimension. 4. The patient with the most difficult extraction will always come in an emergency as you are closing the clinic for the day. 5. Composite is prone to fall off the applicator into the mouth just as you’re about to condense it into the cavity. 6. You forget to ask one patient is they have eaten, prior to performing anesthesia – that patient will faint. 7. You tell your patient “Do not close your mouth” – patient feels the need to voice out the reply by saying “Okay!” 8. That K-file you decide to use one last time – it will break inside the canal. 9. That 3rd degree mobility tooth you think will come out easily during extraction – it will break into pieces. 10.That need to scratch your face right when you are elbow deep in your patient’s mouth. 11.If you have made anesthesia wrong, just tell your patient that it's a pressure. 12.Random patient with 4 rooted molar endo: finished in 20 min 13.Relative patient with single canal endo: contra breaks down, perforation and 3 broken files. 14.There is always that weird child who stays calm during isolation, anesthesia and drilling but starts to cry when. you start filling. 15.When your patient cancels his appointment because he tooth hurts. In the end we tempted to make a joke about sodium but… Na!! IADS 28 MAGAZINE IADS Lite

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