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EDITOR’S W O R D PRESIDENT’S M E S S A G E ABANOB YOSRY ANDREY BALTAEV Dear IADS members and fellows, Dear Friends, It is a great pleasure for me to address you in yet another issue of the IADS Magazine. You are holding now not just a few pieces of paper and some ink, but hundreds of hours of work of many people who dedicated their time and efforts to create this magazine for you. I read a book called “The Storytelling animal” recently, and it's all about us, humans. We love stories, we strive to read and hear stories, we make up stories and tell them to each other, we can not live without stories. This magazine is a way you can get awesome stories we make for you, the stories which can change your life forever. My interest in IADS sparked when I heard a story of a friend of a friend who went somewhere to exchange and had a best time of his life there. And of course, I started to want it too, I joined meetings, went for exchange and so on...It has been an amazing experience so far. What would be your story with IADS ? Just flip the page and and experience it for yourself. Read it, tell your friends, colleagues and teachers to read it, post it on your facebook or reach to us and tell us what you think. See you in IADS somewhere! Welcome to the newest issue of the oldest dental students publication worldwide “IADS Magazine”! This March, I went with my ExCo colleagues, association delegates and members to the amazing Mediterranean island of Cyprus and we were lucky enough to be generously hosted by LOC from NCADS “Northern Cyprus Association of Dental Students” who managed to make our week on the island as one of our rare lifetime experiences. Statistically, it was a cool bonus for IADS family which was enlarged by welcoming 5 new member students organizations from Lithuania, Kenya, Iraq, Uganda and Ethiopia. IADS MYM’18 was about the brand new IADS constitution, fresh delegates, bright visionary discussions and normal IADS entrainment dosages of parties and friendly gatherings. To d a y , y o u a re i n v i t e d t o a n o t h e r I A D S multicultural, missionary and entraining tour among pages of this issue. Our history is part of our supreme entity that we all feel proud of, that’s why Silvi and Khaleed executed exceptional interview with one of IADS notable alumni Dr. Ionut Luchian from Romania. From Iasi to Tartu, Ave Pold is taking you for a brief and mind blowing tour in her tinny but diverse country Estonia. Then she tells you what happened at land of pharaohs “Egypt” at the IFMSA March Meeting 2018 where she was delegated on behalf of IADS. Flying from Hurghada to northern Italy, Adelin gives you the final report of IADS TNT SRT event that took place there under organization of AISO. Because dentistry is a revolutionary advanced discipline, Sri and Esraa are writing to you about t h e V i r t u a l A r t i c u l a t o r s w h i c h a re n e w l y introduced technology, while Amna and Dana wrote about the dental setups at primary and basic schools and its potential impact on oral health of school children. Speaking about Missionary IADS, or humanitarian mission of IADS, Alakyaz and Banoub write to you on the implications of multimedia on evidence based dental practice (EBD). It’s not all yet, as IADS Lite section, report of IADS Photography Contest, report of IADS People are waiting for you too. It’s bright obvious that IADS Magazine is model of s u c c e s s f u l t e a m w o r k b e t w e e n w r i t e r s , proofreaders and designers who all work hard and together to generate what could hopefully be entertaining and informative to IADS wide scale audience. Thanks IADS Editorial Board!

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