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The sun is barely showing its face when the plane hits the ground. It is an inspiring Sunday morning and the moment you step out the plane, the Alps standing up north as firm as ever are recreating the glorious view Leonardo da Vinci himself must have experienced. It is like all of must have experienced. It is like all of Lombardy dressed up to applaud our choice - the choice of walking an unknown path promising future self development and knowledge. Cause what other promises would drive people for hundreds or thousands of miles than the promises of evolution and success? of evolution and success? Yet this place is merely a pit stop because the final destination were all our dreams will find their answers is going to be Pavia. So we must leave behind the Alps, Bergamo and even the more famous Milano. Of course the Naviglio Pavese is not Of course the Naviglio Pavese is not an option so we pretend Trenord was the only option from the very beginning. No matter personal preferences, arriving Pavia one feels confidence flooding all the senses. Firstly because you hope that you can catch at least the slightest form of wisdom just by breathing the air of what once was Albert Einstein home. As if brains can be caught as catching the flu... Anyway, secondly because once the delusion passes secondly because once the delusion passes you realize that all those years studying medicine were not in vain since you recognize the name of Camillo Golgi, Nobel Prize winner in Medicine and former student at University of Pavia. But if any of you wonder if this overwhelming increased overwhelming increased level of confidence became a permanent status, I want to be clear: the dense rain vanished any trace. So we find ourselves the same old us awaiting for the awaiting for the unfolding of what will be Pavia's TNT. IADS MAGAZINE 7

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