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VIRTUAL ARTICULATOR A Reality & Replacement ? indirectly - scanning of the models that are obtained through the conventional impression techniques. Following scanning, we use a jaw motion analyser, obtain articulated models on our screens which can be simulated accordingly for various mandibular movements. With the evolution of facial scanners like Facehunter combined with T-scan we obtain instantaneous data on facial profile and occlusion which can be used for treatment planning and CAD-CAM milling of the prosthesis. So what about the future in this field? Virtual haptic articulators are currently in R&D, so it is basically newer evolution where you will have haptic feedback. So is virtual articulator a reality or replacement? Even though with strenuous concentration and hard work small amounts of errors tend to be present when we manually orient and articulate a cast, in the upcoming era of digital dentistry virtual articulators will be the key to success and help us to get closer to the beautiful world of human masticatory system. I would like to thank and offer my gratitude to Late.Emeritus.Prof.Dr.E.G.R.Solomon Esraa Mohammed / Sudan Srinivasan Narasimhan / India IADS MAGAZINE 22

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