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IADS Lite Written By Silvi Domnori / Turkey Mohamed Banoub / Egypt GRETA KERSYTE / Lithuania A concerning amount of patients still don’t brush prior to their dental appointment because dentist = tooth cleaner. When you are a dentist and everyone suddenly points to a problem tooth. Tweet rant Dental Edition Patient: Yes I will come for my second session of RCT. Oh, I already had that tooth extracted. couple of days later There’s two extremes when it comes to patients 1. Those who have perfect teeth yet come to you for whitening or veneers. 2. Those who are only left with black roots and claim to have no problem or need of treatment whatsoever What’s worse than an agitated Their agitated spouse who comes in every 2 seconds to ask if it’s hurting. patient We have gone from “getting mad at our dentist for telling us it won’t hurt” as kids into telling our patients that “the pain is in their head.” When people ask about last movie I saw… watching dental videos on What does "MD" mean? Doctor of Medicine. (X) Oh, I simply read it as Mesial & Distal Rubber dam indications: 1. 2. Patient that  Too much saliva doesn’t shut up 3. Patient you don’t like ’’ Intern: Do you have any health issues in general? Patient: No, I’m perfectly healthy. Let’s start. Assitance asks same question minutes later. Patient is tragically dying of all possible systemic conditions distal mesial You go to get yourself some cement. Dycal is now swimming in a pool of saliva. ’’ Intern: Close your teeth as you normally do Patient: Class 3 Assitant: Close your teeth as you normally do Patient: Class 1 I s o l a ti o E H C a C IADS MAGAZINE 27 D n K C v it y d r y C E H C K a l o H E c n C K y C

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