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Greta Keršytė Liaison Officer of Editorial Board t i m e In IADS I am working just for the year but during this short period o f I h a v e managed to see many benefits that IADS can give! You not only can meet a lot of new p e o p l e , m a k e connections for the life, but also discover a new side of youself, improve your own skills and d e v e l o p a s a personality as well as specialist. I am really p a s s i o n a t e a b o u t position I am having now and I will do all my best to keep on working in IADS in the future too! A n d e v e n t h o u g h Lithuania has never been very active in IADS before, I hope I can change it and begin this journey so the future g e n e r a t i o n s w o u l d u n d e r s t a n d h o w interesting, beneficial and at the same time fun it is to be a part of IADS family! Srinivasan Neduntheru Narasimhan Paniz Hobbi IADS Editorial Board Member IADS Prophylaxis Committee Member Opportunities are the life saving drug , yes you read it right. IADS was my life saving drug.IADS gave me the platform to interact with legends and learn the nuances from them, thereby helping me to discover my inner potentials. I would like to quote Dr.Stanley”Being part of a bigger game” and being part of IADS just makes sure of it. The picture here is of I A D S C o n g r e s s i n Bangkok in Thailand , o n e o f t h e m o s t precious moments of my life.It was the first ever international stage for a young rookie to deliver his research guided by a Legend of dentistry. This picture takes me down on my memory lane on the beautiful moments I spent with my mentor Dr.E.G.R.Solomon and my core team members of TPCC. Thank you IADS f o r g i v i n g m e t h i s opportunity to cherish our beautiful dentistry, looking forward for more happy moments in our family. Being a part of IADS f a m i l y , g a v e m e c o n f i d e n c e a n d motivation to push my boundaries and reach so many people. On one of the events of World Oral Health Day in a suburban school, I came to realize my influence on People a n d e s p e c i a l l y Children as a Dentist. I am still a student and I am still learning but making a difference and teaching those children about diet made me feel great about myself. I would not have done this if I a was not a part of IADS Prophylaxis! e p o e P IADS MAGAZINE 29

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