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Endo Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No. 3, 2018

Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 3/2018 ◊Page A5 ENDO TRIBUNE A6 Fig. 7 Fig. 8 Fig. 9 Fig. 6 sply Sirona’s AH Plus, on stem cells from the periodontal ligament. It was found that especially GuttaFlow bioseal and also GuttaFlow 2 showed lower toxicity levels and higher cell viabilities than the competing sealers did. In addition, GuttaFlow 2 demonstrated a better result in terms of microleakage and sealing ability than the competing sealers did. COLTENE’s HyFlex instrument, prob- ably its best-known product, has set a new benchmark for NiTi rotary files. HyFlex EDM, the latest generation, integrates the controlled memory effect of its predecessor, HyFlex CM. Furthermore, owing to an innova- tive manufacturing process using electrical discharge machining, Hy- Flex EDM has a specially hardened surface that makes the files stronger and more fracture-resistant. The controlled memory of both HyFlex CM and HyFlex EDM gives the in- struments a number of important properties, including extreme flex- ibility, superior canal tracking, regen- eration after repeat autoclaving and strong fatigue resistance. To achieve these characteristics, HyFlex CM and HyFlex EDM are manufactured using a special ther- momechanical process whereby the crystallographic phase transi- tion from austenite to martensite at room temperature results in an advanced controlled memory of the material, making both files extreme- ly flexible. “We successfully man- aged to give our NiTi material shape memory properties,” said Müller. “We did this by changing the DNA of the material through a switch from low to room temperature. Our idea became not only an innovation, but a product many of our competitors have tried unsuccessfully to copy.” Introduced at the International Dental Show in Germany two years ago, the new HyFlex EDM reduces the number of files needed to two to three, particularly in straight and larger canals. Proven clinical experience According to Müller, a number of clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of both systems. For example, Goo et al. compared the bending stiffness, cyclic fatigue and torsional fracture resistance of NiTi rotary instruments, including V- Taper 2, V-Taper 2H (both SS White), HyFlex CM, HyFlex EDM and ProTa- per Next X2 (Dentsply Sirona). Hy- Flex EDM showed the highest cyclic fatigue resistance of the group, with V-Taper 2H and HyFlex CM coming in next. Overall, they showed high torsional resistance. In comparison with HyFlex CM, the EDM version demonstrated a higher fracture re- sistance. In another study, Kaval et al. aimed to evaluate these properties in novel NiTi rotary files, including HyFlex EDM OneFile from COLTENE, Pro- Taper Gold and ProTaper Universal (both Dentsply Sirona). The results showed that HyFlex EDM OneFile demonstrated significantly higher cyclic fatigue resistance and higher distortion angle to fracture, but a lower torsional resistance than both ProTaper options. In addition, Pedulla et al. sought to measure the torsional and cyclic fatigue re- sistance of HyFlex EDM OneFile in comparison with VDW’s RECIPROC R25 and Dentsply Sirona’s WaveOne Primary. HyFlex was found to have a significantly higher cyclic fatigue re- sistance and higher angular rotation to fracture. Furthermore, Lacono et al. aimed to measure the wear of HyFlex EDM af- ter clinical application. No fractures were registered, no wear or degrada- tion was reported, and the increased fatigue resistance of HyFlex EDM (compared with HyFlex CM) allowed it to remain usable for longer when shaping severely curved canals. A case from the Philippines Dr Margaret Tui, a clinician based in the Philippines, agrees that the in- creased fatigue resistance and strong flexibility of both HyFlex systems allowed her to manage an S-shaped case more easily. At a recent COL- TENE Train the Trainer event, she presented a mandibular first mo- lar case with four canals that was referred to her by another dentist who could not negotiate the canal owing to its difficult anatomy. After utilising the crown-down technique and the HyFlex CM files to flare the coronal third of the distobuccal and distolingual canals, Tui then contin- ued to use HyFlex EDM to negotiate the mesiobuccal and mesiolingual canals, as she had discovered a slight curvature in the middle third of the canals. As for the S-shaped disto- buccal and distolingual canal, she continued with the Hyflex CM files. Post obturation radiograph showed properly shaped canals with proper healing. References Cytotoxicity of GuttaFlow Bioseal, GuttaFlow2, MTA Fillapex, and AH Plus on Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells, J Endod. 2017 May;43(5):816-822. doi: 10.1016/j. joen.2017.01.001. Epub 2017 Mar 23. med/28343929 Mechanical Properties of Various Heat-treated Nickel-Titanium Ro- tary Instruments, J Endod. 2017 Sep 23. pii: S0099-2399(17)30703-3. doi: 10.1016/j.joen.2017.05.025. [Epub ahead of print] https://www.ncbi. anical+properties+of+various+heat +treated+Goo+et+al. Evaluation of the Cyclic Fatigue and Torsional Resistance of Novel Nick- el-Titanium Rotary Files with Vari- ous Alloy Properties. J Endod. 2016 Dec;42(12):1840-1843. doi: 10.1016/j. joen.2016.07.015. Epub 2016 Oct 21. pubmed/?term=Evaluation+of+the +Cyclic+Fatigue+and+Torsional+Re sistance+of+Novel+Nickel-Titanium +Rotary+Files+with+Various+Alloy +Properties Torsional and Cyclic Fatigue Resist- ance of a New Nickel-Titanium In- strument Manufactured by Electri- cal Discharge Machining. J Endod. 2016 Jan;42(1):156-9. doi: 10.1016/j. joen.2015.10.004. Epub 2015 Nov 14. pubmed/?term=Torsional+and+Cyc lic+Fatigue+Resistance+of+a+New+ Nickel-Titanium+Instrument+Man ufactured+by+Electrical+Discharge +Machining Root canal treatments with the Endo- System by VDW – Peace of mind included By VDM MUNICH, Germany: Deliver root canal treatments with an opti-mally integrated concept from a single source. This claim is be-hind the campaign ‘Peace of mind included – the Endo-System’ by VDW. ‘Peace of mind included’ with the Endo-System by VDW means that dentists have a holistic system for simplified, individualised work pro- cesses. They also benefit from safety in use, time and cost efficiency and long-term treatment success. Endodontics in four steps The key drivers to success with VDW are products and services linked through all treatment steps: 1. Preparation File systems such as RECIPROC® blue combined with VDW drives can be used to prepare the root canal with only one instrument. tip cleans even complex root canal anatomies safely and efficiently. 3. Obturation GUTTAFUSION® can be used for homogeneous, wall-adapted obtu- ration of the root canal. 4. Post-Endo DT Post quartz fibre posts with dou- ble taper design contribute to pre- serving more dentine during post- endodontic treatment. Education and services for treatment success The Endo-System by VDW is backed up by almost 150 years of experi- ence in endodontics. Dentists can take advantage of this expertise with the VDW education programme. Comprehensive service and consult- ing offers help to set up the optimal Endo-System and integrate it into the practice routine – with peace of mind included. 2. Irrigation The sonic-powered EDDY® irrigation More about ‘Peace of mind included – the Endo-System’ by VDW can be The VDW Endo-System found at tem and at congresses and trade fairs. About VDW VDW GmbH based in Munich, Ger- many is one of the most well-known manufacturers working in the den- tal field of endodontics. For almost 150 years, VDW has been a pioneer in shaping the evolution of root canal treatment significantly. VDW focus- es on offering the dentist a holistic solu-tion covering the entire endo- dontic treatment process including prepara-tion, irrigation, obturation and post-endodontic care as well as service and training. For more information about the com-pany, the VDW brand and prod- ucts, please visit www.vdw-dental. com/en/

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