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Endo Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No. 3, 2018

PUBLISHED IN DUBAI May-June 2018 | No. 3, Vol. 8 “No Anaesthesia” endodontics in children By Dr Imneet Madan, UAE “Laser Popping Sound” in dentistry for children is one of the best ap- proaches that can help us to over- come the initial fear of the unknown when it comes to first treatment ap- pointments in children. Its unique- ness lies in the fact that the need for numbing is completely exempted. Today’s children like technology playing at its best. Lasers definitely meet that perception of technology. The routine first visit appointments are usually not a concern as children do not anticipate any intervention. Since they are not in pain, their mindset of approach is not defen- sive. Rather when there is no pre- biased opinion or fear, there is a pleasant sense of adaptation that allows the smooth flow of the ap- pointment. Any different kind of be- havioural exhibit occurs only when kids are anticipating an intervention, when they had been in pain or when in general they come fatigued. The discussion of needles is consid- ered to be the most common subject just prior to the visit to the dentist. This discussion can become even more intense when there is already a perceived treatment need. Very young children can have the fear of the unknown, anxiety with strange and new places. The older ones develop extreme fear by talking to peers who have been to the dentist before. Some of them might have had good and some others not so good experience. Sometimes, past unpleasant paren- tal experience can distort the child’s adaptability to the dental appoint- ment. They enter the clinic with the preformed image of the dentist which is not very convincing and helpful to the child. These external experiences can lay the foundation of the child’s coping ability in the dental chair. How can lasers help? Since laser is not commonly avail- able at all practices, there could be a possibility that there had been no real discussion on the use of lasers in the treatment. Another possibility of having a good experience with lasers can change the perception of the child who is in for the first time. When laser is introduced to the parents, they are informed about details on the functioning of laser and its benefits. While explaining euphemisms to the child, the laser is shown as “Popping Light”. There is a significant number of children who go awe-inspired to come back and get there teeth fixed. The whole mindset of the child changes when they are told that treatments do not involve any nee- dles approach. “No Anaesthesia” Procedures that can be done without anaesthesia are: – Restorations: Decays involving oc- clusal, labial, palatal, buccal or proxi- mal surfaces of the teeth. – Deep restorations on teeth with de- cays close to the pulp. SUBSCRIBE NOW issn 2193-4673 Vol. 13 • Issue 4/2017 ROOTS international magazine of endodontics 42017 research Photodamage of dental pulpa stem cells during 700 fs laser exposure case report Apexification treatment with MTA REPAIR HP interview Understanding sonic-powered irrigation – Pulpotomies in primary teeth. – Pulpectomies in primary teeth. – Pulpectomies in primary teeth with abscess, fistula or swellings. The term “No Anaesthesia” is a mis- nomer as the procedure is accom- ÿPage A2 Technology Enhanced irrigation and debridement FKG Dentaire SA Register to our workshop

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