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cosmetic dentistry Italian Edition Vol. 2, 2018

expert article _ soci attivi AIOP Fig. 20 Fig. 21 La finalizzazione della riabilitazione ha perciò previsto due soluzioni protesiche completamen- te differenti tra loro: una protesi fissa inferiore avvitata su sei impianti (in metallo-ceramica) ed una protesi rimovibile superiore con denti perso- nalizzati in ceramica presso-fusa) (Figg. 20, 21). _bibliografia • Zitzmann NU, Marinello CP. Treatment plan for restoring the edentulous maxilla with implant-supported, resto- rations: Removable overdenture versus fixed partial denture design, J Prosthet Dent. 1999 Aug;82(2):188-96. • Mericske-Stern RD, Taylor TD, Belser U. Management of the edentulous patient. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2000;11 Suppl 1:108-25. • Sadowsky SJ. Treatment considerations for maxillary implant overdentures: a systematic review. J Prosthet Dent. 2007 Jun;97(6):340-8. Prosthetic complications in mandibular metal-resin implant-fixed complete dental prostheses: a 5- to 9-year analysis. Purcell BA, McGlumphy EA, Holloway JA, Beck FM. Int J Oral Ma- xillofac Implants. 2008 Sep-Oct;23(5):847-57. • The McGill consensus statement on overdentures. Quintessence Int. 2003 Jan;34:78-9. • Emami E, Heydecke G, Rompre PH, de Grandmont P, Feine JS. The impact of implant-support for mandibular dentures on satisfaction, oral and general health-rela- ted quality of life: a meta-analysis of randomized-con- trolled trials. Clin. Oral Impl. Res. 20, 2009; 533–544. • Venezia P, Torsello F, Cavalcanti R, D’Amato S. Re- trospective analysis of 26 complete-arch implant- supported monolithic zirconia prostheses with feldspathic porcelain veneering limited to the facial surface. J Prosthet Dent. 2015 Oct;114(4):506-12. 22 cosmetic dentistry 2_2018