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Show Tribune United Kingdom Edition | 1/2018 TRENDS & APPLICATIONS 13 use of the MAP System, proper placement of MTA has become an easy task for every dentist. In combination with the MAP System, Produits Dentaires offers a white MTA specially developed for placement with the MAP Sys- tem. The optimised practical size means economical application for each treatment. There are many indications for the PD MTA White, and with the MAP System, proper placement is easy in every situa- tion. Pulp capping Vital pulp therapy has become more popular in recent years. Cal- cium hydroxide has been the most common material for pulp cap- ping, but MTA has shown even bet- ter results in biocompatibility and outcome.3 Cases with large carious pulp exposure can be treated suc- cessfully with partial pulpotomy and MTA as a capping agent, keep- ing teeth vital (Figs. 1a–e). Ape)ificaiion In order to prevent extrusion of root canal filling material in immature teeth with open apices, MTA is used as an apical plug. The results of many studies have shown that MTA induced apical hard tissue formation more often and its use was associated with less inflammation than with other test materials (Figs. 2a–g).4 Fig. 3a Fig. 3b Fig. 3c Fig. 3d Fig. 3e Fig. 4a Fig. 4b Fig. 4c Fig. 4d Fig. 4e Fig. 4f Figs. 3a–e: (a) Radiolucency in the cervical part of the canine. (b) Bleeding from the perforation. (c) MTA application with the MAP System and PD MTA White. (d) Original canal and repair of root perforation. (e) Post-op radiograph showing the root canal filling. Figs. 4a–f: (a) Pre-op radiograph with a large periradicular lesion. (b) Periapical surgery. (c) MTA appli- cation with the MAP System and PD MTA White. (d) Condensation of the MTA with pluggers. (e) Mirror view of the root-end cavity filled with MTA. (f) Post-op radiograph showing the root-end filling. AD tion, cementum formation over MTA and regeneration of the peri- radicular tissue (Figs. 4a–f).2 MAP System Repair of rooi perforaiions Accidental perforation of the pulp chamber or of the root canal significantly changes the prog- nosis of the tooth. Perforation re- pair with a biocompatible sealing material such as MTA may save compromised teeth (Figs. 3a–e).5 Apical surgery MTA is the material with the most favourable outcome as a root-end filling material for apical surgery. MTA has been associated with significantly less inflamma- Editorial note: A list of references can be obtained from the publisher. Dr Mauro Amato is a lecturer and r e s e a r c h e r a t the department of periodontics, e n d o d o n t i c s and cariology of the University of Basel in Switzerland. Amato is a committee member of the Swiss Society for Endodontology. He can be contacted at

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