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12 TRENDS & APPLICATIONS Show Tribune United Kingdom Edition | 1/2018 MTA placement with the Produits Dentaires MAP System By Dr Mauro Amaio, Swiizerland Fig. 1a Fig. 1b Fig. 1c Fig. 1d Fig. 1e Fig. 2a Fig. 2b Fig. 2c Fig. 2d Fig. 2e Fig. 2f Fig. 2g Figs. 1a–e: (a) Deep carious lesion. (b) Partial pulpotomy. (c) MTA application with the MAP System and PD MTA White. (d) Filling. (e) Post-op radiograph showing the pulp capping with MTA. Figs. 2a–g: (a) Endodontically treated tooth with fistula. (b) After retreat- ment, the tooth showed an open apex. (c) MTA application with the MAP System and PD MTA White. Condensation of the MTA with pluggers (d) or paper points (e). (f) MTA plug. (g) Post-op radiograph showing the MTA plug and the reconstruction with a fibre post. PD MTA White More ihan 20 years ago, Tora­ binejad ei al. firsi described a new rooi­end filling maierial called mineral irio)ide aggregaie (MTA).1 MTA showed in vitro beiier sealing abiliiy ihan amalgam or Super EBA when used as a rooi­end filling maierial. Laier, several in vivo and in vitro siudies demonsiraied more applicaiions for MTA. Pulp capping, apexification, repair of root perforations and root-end filling are commonly de- scribed clinical procedures to seal the pathway of communication between the root canal system and the external surface of the tooth. The application of MTA was first described as being achieved AD with aid of plastic or metal spatu- las.2 Unfortunately, proper place- ment was not possible in this manner. Therefore, Produits Dentaires introduced a universal carrier system for clinical and surgical MTA placement. Its Micro-Apical Placement (MAP) System offers different application points for every clinical situation. The Intro Kit and the Universal Kit are for orthograde obturation and the Surgical Kit for retrograde obtura- tion. New NiTi Memory Shape tips can be manually shaped to any required curvature. After auto- clave sterilisation, the needle re- turns to its initial shape. With the Dental Tribune International ESSENTIAL DENTAL MEDIA

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