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prevention International magazine for oral health No. 1, 2018

manufacturer news | natural enzymes and proteins Zendium—The power of natural protection Leading-edge science: Machine used for bacterial DNA extraction. Gingival health- and periodontal disease-associated bacteria. and protein combinations in toothpaste. His formula was refi ned and tested until he found the optimum balance: a ground- breaking toothpaste called Zendium. It is only now with scientifi c advances, including next-generation genomic sequencing, that we are able to discover so much more about how Zendium works and the positive effect it has on the bacterial species in the mouth. A landmark microbiomics study published in 2017 showed that Zendium signifi cantly in- creased gingival health-associated bacteria and reduced periodontal disease-associated bacteria in gingival plaque, resulting in a healthier gingival plaque microbiome. The clinical benefi ts of this microbial shift were demonstrated in two further studies, pre- sented at the 2017 meeting of the Continen- tal European and Scandinavian divisions of the International Association for Dental Research, that showed that Zendium users had signifi cantly better gingival health. Zendium now contains natural enzymes and proteins refl ecting some of those found in saliva. Zendium’s triple-enzyme system of amyloglucosidase, glucose oxi- dase and lactoperoxidase works in a cas- cade to boost the levels of hydrogen per- oxide in saliva and catalyse the formation of hypothiocyanite. Zendium also contains Our story begins almost 50 years ago, in 1969. Researchers of the day knew that saliva was rich in enzymes and proteins that could protect against infection and disease. They had already shown that lac- Lactoperoxidase system. toperoxidase played a part in saliva’s ability to inhibit bacterial growth. This inspired Dr Henk Hoogendoorn, a Dutch microbi- ologist, to investigate the lactoperoxidase enzyme system. He demonstrated that the enzymatic reaction led to the production of hypothiocyanite by hydrogen peroxide and that hypothiocyanite had a natural antibacterial effect against Streptococcus mutans in plaque. Hoogendoorn believed that a toothpaste containing the right combination of en- zymes and proteins could boost the mouth’s natural antibacterial system. Over the coming years, Hoogendoorn collaborated with other sci- entists to investigate the po- tential of different enzyme Zendium pack shots. three other ingredients: lysozyme, lacto- ferrin and colostrum, as a source of im- munoglobulin G, which can be found nat- urally in saliva and work in harmony with enzymes to protect the mouth naturally. Zendium’s ingredients: Natural enzymes and pro- teins. * Immunoglobulin G. Zendium contains standard levels of fl u- oride (1,450 ppm as sodium fl uoride) for effective protection against caries and contains no sodium lauryl sulphate, offer- ing a gentle approach to oral care that is suitable for all patients. Today, Zendium is the number 1 trusted brand in Scandinavia. Our goal is to continue to enhance our understand- ing of the mouth’s natural defences, deliver products that boost the pro- tective power of saliva and promote all-round oral health. For more information, visit prevention 1 2018 71

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