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prevention International magazine for oral health No. 1, 2018

practical prophylaxis | together within two weeks. Up to 30 expert craftspeo- ple were in our practice every day. And we were there in the midst of it all. We were able to plan and furnish our space, and we had free rein and lots of fun. There were no compromises to be made. On 20 November, we welcomed the first patients. Opening a new business involves a great deal of marketing to make yourself known quickly. Dr Ines Laible: We were naturally visible long before the practice opened. We had been distributing flyers since October and taking out ads and participated in an autumn festival with a stand to gain publicity. In the end, we welcomed over 300 people to the opening, allow- ing people to have a look at the practice without any fear. Maike Laible: The logo design wasn’t easy either. We looked at different designs, gathered impressions and tried to find a nice colour. At the beginning, we wanted to com- bine blue with a tooth. Dr Ines Laible: But then the architect came and said, Nothing with teeth! That’s what everyone has! Maike Laible: So we chose pink, a strikingly feminine colour considering the male-dominated businesses in the town of Fellbach. The colour and style are reflected throughout the practice and our communications. Even the “2” in our logo fits—and we did, in fact, incorporate a tooth and two “L”s, for “Laible”. Dr Ines Laible: Of course, an informative website with fresh colours and good images is as important as having a Facebook page. We dentists are people too and celebrate Christmas like everyone else. If our patients can follow us on Facebook and evaluate us, this is a great opportunity. The comments prove you right: “Super practice, great emergency service, sensational interaction even with children!”, “When you feel so well cared for, you even like going to the dentist.”, “Brand-new modern practice with a super team and great practi- tioners! Highly recommended.” Maike Laible: The patient is king, not just a number. Many prac- tices with long opening hours also have many practitioners. There’s no kind of connection or trust. Af- ter root canal therapy, the patient goes somewhere else. In contrast, we want to participate in the devel- opment of patients and give them radiantly beautiful and healthy teeth. How can this connection and trust be fostered? Maike Laible: We focus on educating patients and providing comprehensive information about the treatment. Our patients know why something is being done and that makes them feel better. That’s good for us. Dr Ines Laible: The key thing is, of course, patient sat- isfaction. We achieve this through a pleasant atmosphere, friendly, well-trained staff, and responsible treatment for the benefit of patients, as well as through communica- tion. It is important that patients understand everything, and they need to get feedback from dentists during their treatment. Maike Laible: A patient told me today that she now un- derstands why we consider prophylaxis to be so important and how we perform it. Many dentists don’t explain things. Patients then think, for example, that dentists just use pro- phylaxis to make money when they haven’t found anything else that’s profitable. prevention 1 2018 61

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