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prevention International magazine for oral health No. 1, 2018

| practical prophylaxis Patient satisfaction is key An interview on the opening of a new practice Dr Ines Laible and Maike Laible Radiant and healthy teeth throughout life—that is the ultimate goal of the practice run by Dr Ines Laible and Maike Laible. The practice opened in late 2017 near Stutt- gart in Germany and saw a real rush of patients within a few weeks—the magic formula: only the best for prophylaxis. In pursuit of radiantly beautiful smiles on patients’ faces, the two dentists opted exclusively for state-of-the-art tech- nology and equipment. prevention spoke with Dr Ines Laible and her sister-in-law Maike Laible four weeks after the opening of the new practice. The conversation touched on how best to plan the opening of a new practice, the importance of good patient education, and the decision to rely on the latest ultrasonic and powder jet equipment. Congratulations on the new practice. Why did you choose to open a new practice rather than enter some- one else’s employment? Dr Ines Laible: I always wanted to be self-employed rather than being permanently on the payroll. We had ideas and dreams of our own practice early on and we wanted to fulfil them. A regular salaried position was never really an option. However, the search for premises was very diffi- cult and tedious. In addition, we didn’t want to stick with a specific dental depot because of dental units. So we talked to the bank, reached an agreement and decided to go for very high-quality equipment and the new premises. Maike Laible: I worked for years as a dental surgeon in various practices. I often encountered very old technology, but also old treatment methods. I realised pretty quickly that I wanted my own practice. That’s when every dentist wonders whether to take over an established practice or start a new one. Dr Ines Laible: I never wanted to take on a practice alone. Of course, we didn’t just want an old practice that would basically have to be renovated for the same money as it would take to start a new one. So we decided to start afresh. My husband called the local business development unit, and a few weeks later, we received a call to say that the owner of a new building could very well imagine a den- tal practice there. Even when premises for the practice had been found, we had to wait another three years, since ev- erything still had to be built. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we’re sitting here now! How long did it take to set things up, from putting up the first wall to receiving the first patient? Dr Ines Laible: At the beginning of November, after years of hard planning, the walls in the premises were erected and the floor with all the wiring had been laid. Then every- thing went very quickly. Together with the architect and an amazingly dedicated team, we got the whole practice 60 prevention 1 2018

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