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prevention International magazine for oral health No. 1, 2018

| theory of prophylaxis European Federation of Periodontology European Federation of Periodontology celebrates general assembly in Vienna Raising awareness of the importance of keeping gingivae healthy throughout a whole lifetime, particularly among people aged over 60, is one of the new priorities of the European Federation of Perio- dontology (EFP), the leading global organisation on periodontal science and practice. Other aims include strengthening the lead- ership of the EFP around the world and promoting the status of periodontology among dentists and other health professionals. gathered in Vienna in Austria on 17 March to celebrate the EFP’s annual general assembly and to discuss future projects. Highlights of the meeting included the appointment of Prof. Anton Sculean as new EFP President, the launch of the EFP mobile app, the interna- tional dissemination of the Perio and Caries project, and reports on the fi nal preparations for European Gum Health Day 2018 in May and the EuroPerio9 congress in June. More than 75 experts and offi cers from 30 national scientifi c societies specialising in periodontal health and implant dentistry Sculean, chair of the department of periodontology and execu- tive director of the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Bern in Switzerland, has taken over the helm as EFP President from Prof. Gernot Wimmer, Senior Scientist and Privatdozent at the Medical University of Graz in Austria. Other major appointments by the assembly included Prof. Lior Shapira (Israel) as new executive committee offi cer and coordinator of European Gum Health Day 2019, and Prof. Filippo Graziani (Italy) as President-elect. In addition, Prof. Nicola West (UK) and Dr Monique Danser (the Netherlands) will join the EFP’s executive committee in 2019 as secretary gen- eral and treasurer, respectively. The EFP’s general assembly included the offi cial announcement of European Gum Health Day 2018, to be celebrated on 12 May to raise public awareness across Europe of the importance of keep- ing gingivae healthy throughout life. “Health begins with healthy gums” is the slogan chosen by the EFP to remind authorities and the public that gingival health is an achievable and cost-effective way to improve general health, public health and quality of life. By joining European Gum Health Day 2018, more than 25 national societies of periodontology are organising at the national level a wide range of public events, conferences, communication projects, periodontal check-ups and other activities, under the coordination of Dr Xavier Struillou, who is making sure that their messages are aligned. EuroPerio9—The world-leading congress Participants of the Vienna general assembly were informed of the latest preparations for EuroPerio9, which will take place in Amsterdam in the Netherlands between 20 and 23 June and is widely regarded as the world’s leading congress in periodon - tology and implant dentistry. Registration for EuroPerio9 is open and attracting numerous attendees, journalists and companies. The recently fi nalised scientifi c programme features innovative session formats, and more than 100 presentations will be deliv- Prof. Anton Sculean Prof. Lior Shapira 06 prevention 1 2018

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