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prevention International magazine for oral health No. 1, 2018

special: dental hygiene in UK | one half-filled afternoon per week to two full days of oral hygiene appointments. After six months, we were at full hygiene surgery capacity of three days per week. The demand was so high, we could barely keep up. We ad- vertised wherever we could and ran free AIRFLOW pro- motional days based around GBT to raise awareness and money for charity. Our first “Drop in for a Free AIRFLOW” day was a huge success, with local businesses donating raffle prizes and local media broadcasting from our waiting room. It was an unqualified success. the award with pride and dedicated it to the incredible individuals who have developed AIRFLOW into the game changer that it is today. Life in general practice in the UK for many hygienists is gruelling. Twenty-minute appointments are not uncom- mon and packing in assessment, motivation, full-mouth scaling, polishing and home care in this time is very diffi- cult, leaving both hygienists and patients unmotivated. It does not need to be this way. GBT has transformed my Faye Donald I performed AIRFLOW treatment on 34 new patients that day—free of charge. Those were 34 people who other- wise might not have experienced the pain-free comfort and results that AIRFLOW offers. One year on and of those 34 patients, 23 are now regular paying patients. Who knows how much other business was generated from the ripple effect of people talking about our ethos and our pain-free treatments. clinical practice and it can change others too. I would go as far as to say I am unrecognisable from the hygienist I was five years ago. My appointments are measured, con- trolled and, most importantly, complete. Treatment is car- ried out without compromise and to the highest standard. Most importantly, my patients feel empowered and moti- vated to take charge of their own oral health. I feel in con- trol, I feel inspired and, true to EMS, “I feel good”! I was motivated to share my knowledge and unleash GBT’s potential for other hygienists in the UK. I took to so- cial media and rapidly made a name for myself on the hy- giene forum as the go-to AIRFLOW guru. Requests to run courses came thick and fast, and I travelled the length and breadth of the country practising, teaching and dreaming about GBT. To my utter shock and amazement, in November 2017, I won the award for Best Hygienist at the Oral Health Awards. I was humbled and honoured, and accepted The future In my opinion, there is a new revolution taking place: the rise of AIRFLOW and GBT. My passion lies in sharing this knowledge, skill and experience and in providing hy- gienists with the tools to be the best they can be. I invite hygienists into my surgery free of charge to observe and learn before returning the favour at their practices. I will not stop until every single hygienist in the UK has heard of GBT and I have founded the very first GBT practice in the UK. And then I will take on America! Just you watch me… prevention 1 2018 53

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