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prevention International magazine for oral health No. 1, 2018

| content editorial “Actually, prevention is the key” Magda Wojtkiewicz theory of prophylaxis European Federation of Periodontology news science of prophylaxis page 06 The holistic connection between oral and general health Eklund Foundation—Supporting research in odontology “Dental implants require more attention” systemic diseases Gain a child, lose a tooth? Pregnant women are hardly informed about the importance of oral health Oral microbiota, intestinal microbiota and infl ammatory bowel disease We have an enormous infl uence on children’s overall health page 28 biofi lm The oral biofi lm: What you should know Gingival health benefi ts of enzymes and proteins in toothpaste peri-implantitis When to avoid implants special: dental hygiene Oral hygiene instructions and patient motivation page 38 “We’re all about prevention” Patient motivation techniques My Guided Biofi lm Therapy journey psychology of prophylaxis Knowing-doing gap in dentistry practical prophylaxis Already cleaning or still polishing? Patient satisfaction is key “Prevention is not just for children and young people” Ozone therapy in dentistry manufacturer news special When prophylaxis means everything and nothing international events about the publisher submission guidelines international imprint Cover image courtesy of EMS – Electro Medical Systems S.A. (Guided Biofi lm Therapy campaign, Miami) issn 2567-286X • Vol. 2 • Issue 1/2018 1/18 prevention international magazine for oral health science of prophylaxis The holistic connection between oral and general health peri-implantitis When to avoid implants practical prophylaxis “Prevention is not just for children and young people” 04 prevention 1 2018 03 06 10 14 16 18 22 26 28 32 36 38 42 48 50 52 54 56 60 64 66 68 72 76 77 78

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