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prevention International magazine for oral health No. 1, 2018

| peri-implantitis When to avoid implants im By DTI Located in the Salamanca district of Madrid, Spain’s capital, Clínica Vilaboa was founded more than 30 years ago by Drs Beatriz and Débora Vilaboa. With polished hardwood floors and a stylishly minimalist in terior, the practice’s aesthetic emphasis is immediately evident. A pioneer in aesthetic dentistry when first established, the multilingual clinic has since expanded its focus to two disciplines, implantology and prophylaxis—which may at first seem contradictory. prevention spoke with practice dentists Drs Amparo Llorente and José Manuel Reuss about the clinic’s approach to prevention in implantology. Why did you choose implantology? Dr José Manuel Reuss: I was always very interested in prosthetics and replacing what was missing. I am very motivated by the fact of giving back what patients have lost. The combination of prosthetics and surgery makes implantology perfect for me. Dr Amparo Llorente: I am a trained periodontist and I am wholly dedicated to it. I look more at periodontal disease and prevention of implants [laughs]. However, I think I also have a good understanding of implants, so we make a good team. Reuss: You definitely have a very good understand- ing! What is your approach to implantology and preven- tion? Reuss: It is very difficult to be able to tell a patient that something should last for a lifetime, but this is our goal, our wish and our belief. Placing an implant should natu- rally be our last solution once we have done everything to save the natural tooth. When we do the treatment, we do not want to have the implant last for only ten years. That is not really a success. We want to provide a treatment that lasts for a lifetime. Llorente: The great thing about Dr Reuss is that, as an implantologist, he is devoted to restoration and replacing. However, whenever he sees a tooth that still has the po- tential to be maintained, he does everything to maintain it. That is very important. Nowadays, implantology is so fashionable. Everybody wants to place implants. Some dentists see the implants only, but we should look at oral health first. The patient needs to have an implant for a lifetime. This involves good initial oral health and a well- planned treatment. 38 prevention 1 2018

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