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prevention International magazine for oral health No. 1, 2018

science of prophylaxis | © S U N S T A R a greater likelihood that they will remember it. So far, I can say it has worked. Another way of gaining people’s attention is the Perio Link Award. Can you tell me more about that? Oral and general health concern everybody. However, although there are a great number of excellent papers that explore the link between them—well-executed and with solid results—they are usually not available to the general public and this is wrong! Science is for everyone. The only way to encourage people to like science and become involved is to break it down in a way that every- body understands. For this reason, and also to promote research in the field, we established the Perio Link Award. For the Perio Link Award, the Sunstar Foundation’s sci - entific committee selected what they felt were the most influential scientific papers of the last three years on the oral and general health link. The nominees for the award were asked to explain their research in a one-minute video. Some nominees had difficulty in doing this because they had never been asked to do this before. In order to spread their scientific research, the nominees were then asked to share their videos and collect votes. The project with the most votes would receive a monetary prize, as well as an expenses-paid visit to this year’s EuroPerio congress in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It was pleasing to see how some scientists employed their networks to spread their message. Some healthy competition between dif- ferent teams of course also contributes to spreading the message. How do Sunstar’s various product groups relate to each other based on the holistic view that mouth and body are interconnected? Industrialisation has largely led to specialisations in products and professions and too often there is no link with other fields. Cross-disciplinary thinkers are valuable to break silos. Sunstar, for instance, connects a num- ber of different business units. So how are toothbrushes connected with motorbikes, brakes or sealants? Simple: health and safety. Inflammation, for example, is common to a number of diseases, such as diabetes, periodontitis, dementia and obesity. It is a connector and a starting prevention 1 2018 11

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