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Journal of Oral Science & Rehabilitation No. 1, 2018

Fig. 1A Fig. 1B S i n u s l i f t a n d M g-e H A/co l l a g e n-b a s e d s c a f f o l d Figs. 1A & B Preoperative digital panoramic radiograph with preoperative computed tomography scans. A B S u r g i c a l t e c h n i q u e The sinus area was prepared under local anes- thesia, as described by Boyne and James.1 The bony window was left attached to the Schneide- rian membrane. The sinus mucosa was elevated, taking care to avoid laceration. In all cases, an Mg-e HA/collagen-based scaffold with a porous 3-D structure (RegenOss, Finceramica, Faenza, Italy) was used to protect the Schneiderian mem- brane and prevent any mechanical complication during grafting and implant insertion. Implant sites were marked using a surgical template. In order to increase primary stability, osteotomies were performed using the narrow- est drill able to allow implant insertion, to avoid buccal bone fracture. Residual bone height was assessed using a modified probe with a small hood. Then, the graft material (HA granules, 600–900 μ, SINTlife, Finceramica) was placed at the superior aspect of the sinus and against the medial aspect of the grafted compartment created in the sinus cavity. The graft material was meticulously condensed at each stage. Then, 2 implants (5 mm in diameter, 10–13 mm in length, Premium SP, Sweden & Martina, Due Carrare, Italy) were placed at a torque value of > 10 Ncm. The root-shaped implant used in this study had a sandblasted and acid-etched sur- face over its entire length. No membrane was used to cover the buccal window (Fig. 2). The oral mucosa was then sutured with 5-0 resorb- able interrupted sutures (Vicryl, Ethicon, New Brunswick, N.J., U.S.). P o s t o p e r a t i v e t r e a t m e n t The patients were instructed to avoid blowing their noses for at least 7 days after surgery and to cough or sneeze with an open mouth to prevent 10 Volume 4 | Issue 1/2018 Journal of Oral Science & Rehabilitation

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