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Ortho Tribune Middle East & Africa No.1, 2018

Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 1/2018 ORTHO TRIBUNE ◊Page E5 VISIT NO 1 Both appliances bonded on the same day. SAP bracket placement Torque Selection Maxilla: Super low torque on the incisors – super torque on the canines. Mandible: Low torque on the incisors – super torque on the canines. 014 CN archwires were placed along both arches, from the 1st molar to the 1st molar, without stops. Bite turbos were bonded to 13 – 23 in order to unlock the occlusion, promote leveling, and protect the brackets on the lower arch. E6 U & L Initial Bonding: U & L 014 CN - Anterior Bite Turbos U & L Initial Bonding: U & L 014 CN VISIT NO 2: 4 MONTHS The patient returned 4 months later. The arches showed excellent initial progress in terms of leveling. New 014 archwires were placed to continue the leveling-alignment process. Anterior stops were placed on both arches. App 2 VISIT NO 3: 10 MONTHS Ten months into the treatment, the 014 archwires were kept on, and both arches showed excellent progress in terms of leveling-alignment. Crowding was fully resolved. A panorex was done to confirm the proper placement of the initial brackets. Only the maxillary central incisors (whose roots showed significant proclination) were rebonded with standard torque brackets. Both arches were fitted with 16x25 CN archwires, and the bite turbos were grad- ually reduced. 10 months: Rebonded 11-21 with standard torque. 16x25 CN maxill. and mand. VISIT NO 4: 14 MONTHS It was as if time was doing the work for us. After just 2 visits over 14 months, a remarkable correction was observed in all 3 orders. Nonetheless, 13 was repositioned to provide a more gingival placement and to correct tipping (see the panorex taken 4 months earlier, which shows an exces- sive tip-back of this tooth). For the maxillary arch, the 16x25 CN archwire was replaced with an 18x25 CN archwire, and the mandibular arch was fitted with a 17x25 TMA archwire. The patient was also required to wear vertical intercuspation elastics on the upper canines. The bite turbos were removed completely during this appointment. Rebonded 13 in more gingival placement and to cor- rect tipping (see panorex) - Vertical elastics ÿPage E7

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