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Ortho Tribune Middle East & Africa No.1, 2018

PUBLISHED IN DUBAI January-February 2018 | No. 1, Vol. 8 Virtual reality and orthodontics: A new patient experience SUBSCRIBE NOW issn 1868-3207 Vol. 2 • Issue 2/2017 ORTHO international magazine of orthodontics 22017 By Dr Yassine Harichane, Canada Imagine the following scenario: your patient arrives, both relaxed and calm, at your practice. Although the patient is visiting the practice for the fi rst time, he is familiar with it and knows its interior well. Without fur- ther introduction, the patient takes a seat in the dental chair, and the orthodontic procedure is performed quickly and comfortably with pa- tient compliance. There are no com- plications or tension, and the treat- ment is easily achieved. Imagine such a soothing and comfortable en- vironment in which to treat patients. Now imagine this very same scenar- io through the eyes of the patient. One can see that it could actually be a comfortable experience. This is not some hypothetical futuristic utopia; this is actually happening now, and the aforementioned points are some of the many benefi ts of virtual real- ity (VR). VR is a process that entails immers- ing the viewer in a 360° environ- ment. By turning his head left, right, up or down, the patient can visualise a real or an artifi cial environment. The spectator could be immersed in the Caribbean Sea surrounded by corals or in a Canadian forest (Fig. 1). The operation is simple: the partici- pant wears a lightweight and com- fortable headset in which a smart- phone is inserted (Fig. 2). Owing to the gyroscopic sensors, the smart- phone will project a matching image corresponding to the movements. If Fig. 2: VR headset. Fig. 3: Nikon KeyMission 360°. Fig. 1: Canadian forest in VR. the patient raises his head, he will see the sky or the ceiling, and if he low- ers his head he will see his feet. This technique is made possible by a 360° shot using a dedicated camera (Fig. 3) and simple editing software (Fig. 4). The result is simply astonishing as we fi nd ourselves projected into a place that may vary from actual tourist sites to virtual scenarios as in video games. The applications in orthodontics are numerous and at present we are exploiting only a tiny part of its potential functions. The possibilities might be endless. Hence, it might become possible for the patient to visit the dental of- fi ce from his home, where he can visualise the front desk, admire the treatment rooms or view the clean- technique Tongue star 2 (TS2) – System for rapid open bite closure case report Use of diode laser in the treatment of gingival enlargement during orthodontic treatment industry report Sensorimotor training with RehaBite during orthodontic treatment liness of the sterilisation room (Fig. 5). The aim is to offer a virtual visit of the practice to allow the patient to choose a quality clinic, as well as familiarise himself with the space before his fi rst appointment. Once physically seated in the chair, the pa- tient can wear the VR headset during the treatment and visualise a restful environment of his choosing. From ÿPage E2 YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE PAST TO UNDERSTAND THE PRESENT — Carl Sagan From the introduction of the original Straight-Wire™ launched in 1970 by A-Company, Ormco is uniquely positioned to marry the wisdom of legacy with the latest in ceramic materials and our advanced manufacturing technology. To learn about the advanced design and the future of ceramic appliances, contact your local distributor or email us on © 2017 Ormco Corporation Pending FDA 510k clearance COMING SOON

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