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today Greater New York Dental Meeting Nov. 26, 2017

46 exhibitors Greater New York Dental Meeting — Nov. 26, 2017 Gelato takes home Top Prophy Paste award for fifth consecutive time By Keystone Industries Staff n Keystone Industries’ Gelato Pro- phy Paste was named the Top Prophy Paste in the hygiene category of The Dental Advisor’s 2017 Product Awards, an award Keystone has now won from the respected publication five times consecutively. In the clinical research conducted on Gelato, 35 consultants used the product more than 2,500 times and came to an overall 91 percent clini- cal rating. Among the consultants, 63 percent said they would switch to Gelato Prophy Paste, and 80 percent said they would recommend it to den- tal professionals. Consultants involved in the clini- cal testing also remarked that Gelato Prophy Paste “does not splatter,” “is easy to rinse” and “cups are color- coded and easy to open.” The annual Product Awards com- piled by The Dental Advisor are one of the most respected awards to receive AD For more information For more information on Gelato Pro- phy Paste or any of Keystone’s many products, contact Keystone Industries toll-free at (800) 333-3131 or go online to in the dental industry because of their in-depth research and analysis to rec- ognize the highest-quality products on the market. Because the prophy paste market is flooded with many superb prod- ucts, The Dental Advisor’s editorial board must debate, discuss and vote on a product that fits its criteria for innovation, quality and excellence every year. Gelato is one of few products to win this many times consecutively. Gelato Prophy Paste was created and designed with dental hygienists’ needs in mind. The main goal of the product is to allow easy use for the in six flavors, including piña colada, bubble gum, cherry, mint, raspberry and orange sherbet. The paste comes packaged in 200-count boxes of single-use cups, for convenient use and to eliminate cross-contamination. Gelato is also available in four different grits: fine, medium, coarse and x-coarse. More buying options are available as well, such as 6-ounce (exports only) and 12-ounce jars. “Winning this award once was a great feeling, and three times was even better. Now, as we look at our fifth win, it’s not only incredible for Keystone but also for hygienists eve- rywhere using Gelato,” said Derek Keene, vice president of marketing and product development. “We take great pride in being able to offer the best dollar value on our prophy paste even after it has won such prestigious awards. It really begs us to ask those who haven’t tried it the question, ‘Why not?’” 5 (Photo/Provided by Keystone Industries) dental hygienist with great results and to give the patient a satisfying experience. This is made possible by being able to apply Gelato smoothly without any splatter, all while coming

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