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today Greater New York Dental Meeting Nov. 26, 2017

42 exhibitors Greater New York Dental Meeting — Nov. 26, 2017 Foresight 45: Self-generating LED surgical handpiece By Medidenta Staff n Medidenta is proud to introduce the new Foresight 45 self-generating LED surgical handpiece for use in surgery, periodontal and endodontic procedures. The Foresight 45 SGL incorporates an air-driven generator inside of the handpiece to power a bright LED light directly into the surgical pocket. This technology illuminates the operative field without the need for fiber optic systems from a delivery unit. Traditionally, fiber-optic systems provide the source of light through a bulb in the coupler or in a tube from the air line. This light travels through a fiber-optic rod that leads to the head of the handpiece. This fiber-optic rod has a tendency to yellow over mul- tiple autoclaves, lowering the color temperature and dimming the trans- mitted light to the working site. These fiber-optic systems contain other components, such as bulbs and electrical sources, which also need to be maintained. The Foresight 45 eliminates the need for multiple components, provid- ing you with a single-piece solution to your lighting needs with a standard four-hole backend handpiece. Many dental offices rely on over- head lamps or loupes to light surgical procedures. The downside to this, however, is that it will create shadow- ing in the working site. When using the Foresight 45 SGL, you can eliminate any shadowing that would have been created using those 5 The Foresight 45 self-generating LED handpiece. (Photos/Provided by Medidenta) Here in New York To test drive the Foresight 45 self- generating LED surgical handpiece, stop by the Medidenta booth, No. 916. lighting setups. With a direct LED light inside of the surgical pocket, you will experience more visibility, a wider field of view and a brighter working site, according to Medidenta. surgical handpieces on the market where air conventional Unlike escapes from the back of the head- cap, the Foresight 45 SGL does not allow any air to escape into the oral cavity. All of the excess air is funneled to the back end of the handpiece, eliminating all possibilities of an air embolism. This ensures an air-free oral cavity, allowing for multiple surgeries in succession while still maintaining patient safety. The 45-degree head offers max- imum access and visibility when performing all surgical procedures. It is capable of extreme power, Medi- denta asserts, delivering more than 20 watts of constant torque for con- sistent cutting power even under the heavy load conditions that often occur while sectioning third molars. The patented chuck design works to grip the bur tighter as the RPMs increase to ensure patient safety and minimize the risk of bur slippage. It also comes backed with a one-year warranty that covers both the shell and the turbine, which is among the highest in the industry for a surgical high-speed handpiece, according to the company. 5 No air exiting the back of the headcap. 5 All exhaust air exits through the back end of the handpiece. 5 Direct LED light powered from the built-in micro generator.

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