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today Greater New York Dental Meeting Nov. 26, 2017

36 exhibitors Greater New York Dental Meeting — Nov. 26, 2017 Important CDC recommendations with a Prophy Magic solution By Prophy Magic Staff n According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guide- lines, handpieces and other intraoral instruments that can be removed from the air and waterlines of den- tal units are considered semicriti- cal devices. In addition, studies show the inter- nal portions of high-speed handpieces and low-speed handpiece motors can become contaminated and that it is possible for retained patient material to be released into the mouths of sub- sequent patients. Therefore, handpieces and other intraoral instruments should be removed from the air and waterlines of dental units, cleaned and heat- sterilized between patients. Follow the manufacturer’s instruc- tions for cleaning, lubrication and sterilization. Do not surface-disinfect, sub- merge in liquid chemical sterilants or barrier-protect these instruments because these methods cannot ade- quately clean, disinfect or sterilize the internal components. AD 5 Prophy Magic handpieces. (Photos/Provided by Prophy Magic) These instruments include, but are not limited to, high-speed, low-speed, electric, endodontic and surgical handpieces as well as all handpiece motors and attachments, such as reus- able prophylaxis angles, nosecones and contra-angles. (Reference: health/infectioncontrol/questions/ dental-handpieces.html.) Solution Prophy Magic (PM) is the home for *CR Choice Prophy Angles, but the company also produces fully auto- clavable handpieces that are “where compliance meets comfort.” The low- speed motors are Etype, which ena- bles any Etype attachment for use. They are also fully autoclavable, and with PM deals, you can get them free — which help to enable a sterile and compliant dental office without significant ongoing investments, the company asserts. With an appropriate number of dental handpieces and associated attachments, along with top-rated prophy angles, PM can help your office properly ensure a safe and ster- ile environment for patients and staff but also eliminate downtime the new recommendations will employ. *Clinicians Report is an independ- ent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation. Here in New York For more information about CDC com- pliance guildes and how Prophy Magic can help, visit the booth, No. 1208, go online to or call toll-free (866) 54-MAGIC (62442).

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