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today Greater New York Dental Meeting Nov. 26, 2017

32 exhibitors Greater New York Dental Meeting — Nov. 26, 2017 TAUB Products: Esthetic products developed for KOLs, clinicians, dental educators and your practice By TAUB Products Staff n As industry products and tech- nology advance at a continually fast pace, new procedures and methods are implemented. The focus at TAUB Products is to keep pace with these advances by offering products that deliver the best results possible, through simple and easy integration, no matter how doctors and labs prac- tice dentistry. TAUB is proud to introduce a revolutionary dual cure acrylic resin — STELLAR DC Acrylic. STELLAR DC Acrylic pattern resin is great for cre- ating verification indexes, transfer and insertion guides for implants; positioning misaligned implant com- ponents during seating; connecting or fixing single implants parts for soldering and welding; and creating structure models of implant compo- nents, crown and bridge, zirconia and inlay and onlay restorations. STELLAR DC Acrylic can be light cured in 20 seconds or will cure on its own in 60 seconds. It provides the fastest production time of any pattern resin and acrylic, burns out completely and leaves no residue, according to the company. The mate- rial can be layered, reproduces detail accurately and grinds easily. “STELLAR DC Acrylic is a great addition to our product line” said Jordan Taub, executive vice presi- dent at TAUB Products. “Using our chemistry and technology, we can now offer the CDT and prosthodontist an acrylic that increases production by dramatically reducing production times, which helps the bottom line. STELLAR’s on-demand continuous Here in New York To learn more about TAUB Products, stop by the booth, No. 2708, for prod- uct demonstrations, literature, show specials and cookies. flow of material allows quick and easy fabrication,” he added. TAUB is known for three prod- ucts that solve many issues when placing cement-retained implant res- torations: GoCHx Gel Syringeable Chlorhexidine, Liquid Magic Resin Barrier abutment access plug and ZERO-G Bio-Implant Cement. According to Jordan Taub: “Zero-G provides permanent cementation of implant restorations and, at the same time, retrievability of those restora- tions. This is the best of both worlds for the doctors who want access to the abutment and also for the doctors who never want the restoration to come off. “When we designed this cement, we understood incomplete cleanup of other cements, and peri-implantitis was a cause of concern. Giving Zero- G the highest radiopacity over any other implant cement makes any excess cement extremely visible. The cleanup is unlike anything else on the market; any excess can be completely removed”. Liquid Magic Resin Barrier Mate- rial is used for implant and cosmetic dentistry. It can be used to fill abut- ment access holes, replacing Teflon tape and other products typically used. Liquid Magic is placed into the access hole, light cured and can be easily removed. Liquid Magic can be used for cement or screw-retained restorations. As a barrier product, it can be used when isolation is desired. GoCHx Gel Syringeable Chlorhex- idine is a thin, non-alcohol based gel containing 0.8 percent chlorhexidine in a water-soluble formula. As a gel, GoCHx can be applied precisely, stay- ing where it is placed, and rinses com- pletely. Use GoCHx Gel for everyday use. From no-prep restorations to full mouth reconstruction, using emax®, CEREK®, zirconia, lithium disilicate, feldspathic porcelain and PFMs, FUSION-Zr® Esthetic Resin Cements provide the best results, according to the company. These esthetic cements allow dentists to present their best work by offering ease of use, fast cleanup, high-bond strength and cor- rect color representation. “My patients expect my restora- tions to pop,” said Ross Nash, DDS, of the Nash Institute in Charlotte, N.C. “They can’t just be good; they need to be the best. I get best results when using Fusion-Zr Resin Cements.” Launched in 2016, Ca-Lok Flow- able Adhesive Calcium Base/Liner is a light-cured, calcium-filled resin. Unlike any other resin or MTA bases and liners, Ca-Lok offers adhesion to tooth structure, preventing move- ment and sensitivity, and has seam- less compatibility to other restorative materials, according to the company. Ca-Lok is radiopaque and releases cal- cium and fluoride. Use Ca-Lok when practicing conservative dentistry. TAUB Products is located at booth No. 2708. Please stop by for a dem- onstration, grab literature, have a famous Larry Cookie, have one more 3 STELLAR DC Acrylic. (Photo/ Provided by TAUB Products) famous Larry Cookie and find out about show specials. TAUB Products is also currently looking to build its lecture-based clinicians. If you feel any of these products have value in your dental education programs, please stop by the booth, call TAUB at (800) 828-2634 or email Jordan Taub at jordan@taub Sure Business Logic launches new website By Sure Business Logic Staff n Sure Business Logic, a sales ser- vices and marketing services firm, has launched a new website, www. Sure Business Logic develops prod- uct lines and sales programs, identi- fies strategic sales tactics and uses innovative marketing techniques to establish company and product branding and build long-term sales growth. The company’s new website features information about Sure Busi- ness Logic, its services, dental educa- tional programs and events, and com- pany founder and CEO Ed Matthews. “We are a sales service company specializing in the dental industry,” Matthews said. The company’s services include the development of world-class den- tal education programs and training materials. “We believe that providing good educational content with value helps clinicians find the tools needed for best results for their practices and, most important, for their patients. These programs create brand loyalty and goodwill for the companies pro- viding this content,” Matthews added. Sure Business Logic was founded in 2010 by Matthews, a seasoned dental industry marketing executive. The sales services company specializes in developing sales programs and proce- dures and creating brand awareness programs. For more information To learn more about Sure Business Logic, visit the new website or contact Ed Matthews at or by phone at (516) 883-3443. Sure Business Logic works exclu- sively in the dental industry and specializes in helping dental manu- facturers with their branding and rebranding efforts.

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