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today Greater New York Dental Meeting Nov. 26, 2017

26 exhibitors Greater New York Dental Meeting — Nov. 26, 2017 Headlights: Now in high-definition 5 The new HDi headlights from Designs for Vision can provide up to 45 percent more light with uniform distribution. (Photo/Provided by Designs for Vision) AD By Designs for Vision Staff n Designs for Vision is introducing an advanced photonic design that provides uniform light distribution with maximum intensity. The patent-pending headlights optically focus the light from the LED to provide 45 percent more light with uniform distribution. The new LED DayLite® Micro HDi™ combines the new high-definition imaging with a very lightweight headlight in combination with the new Micro power pack, according to the company, which says the Micro power pack is the lightest and small- est available. The complete unit includes two power packs, and each power pack can run up to 10 hours. Designs for Vision has also added the high-definition imaging to LED DayLite WireLess Mini HDi, provid- ing a lightweight, cordless solution with light intensity comparable to many corded headlights. You can choose high-definition imaging with either a wired or wireless design to meet your preference, and all HDi headlights will illuminate the entire oral cavity. Designs for Vision’s WireLess headlights free you from being teth- ered to a battery pack. The simple modular designs uncouple the head- lights from a specific frame or single pair of loupes. Prior technology married a cord- less light to one pair of loupes via a cumbersome integration of the bat- teries and electronics into the frame. The compact design of the LED Day- Lite WireLess headlights are inde- pendent of any frame/loupes. In addition, Designs for Vision is also featuring the REALITY 5-star rated The Micro 3.5EF Scopes, which utilize a revolutionary optical design that reduces the size of the prismatic telescope by 50 percent and reduces the weight by 40 percent while pro- viding an expanded-field, full oral cavity view at 3.5x magnification. Building on the award-winning design, the newest addition to the Micro Series line is the Micro 4.5EF Scopes. These scopes reduce both the size and weight of the telescopes by 44 percent. On the move Designs for Vision has expandedinto a new 67,500-square-foot location at 4000 Veterans Memorial Highway in Bohemia, N.Y. You can visit www. to check out some photos. Here in New York You can see the Visible Difference® yourself by visiting Designs for Vision’s booth, No. 1813, or contact the company to arrange a visit in your of- fice by calling (800) 345-4009 or email- ing

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