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today Greater New York Dental Meeting Nov. 26, 2017

16 exhibitors Greater New York Dental Meeting — Nov. 26, 2017 Provide IPR without the stress By ContacEZ Staff n The ContacEZ IPR Strip System is an innovative interproximal reduc- tion system that makes interproxi- mal enamel stripping safe and accu- rate, without creating sharp corners or subgingival ledges, according to ContacEZ, the company behind the product. Designed for use with Invisalign, ClearCorrect, eCligner, Six Month Smiles and other orthodontic treat- ments, these flexible diamond strips are an ideal solution for providing IPR without stress for you or your patient, the company asserts. • Safety and comfort: The tactile control that comes from the patented strip handle design helps prevent cuts to patients’ lips or gums, and the manual reproximation process avoids the heat build-up or vibration from discs and burs. • Accuracy: Never worry about excess enamel removal again, accord- ing to the company, which asserts the easy-to-use system of increasing strip thickness and coarseness not only maintains efficiency through the entire reduction process but also AD Here in New York For more information on the ContacEZ IPR Strip System, stop by the booth, No. 3424. gives you complete control over the amount of enamel removed. • Built-In flexibility: Unlike rigid single-handed strips, ContacEZ IPR Strips are made to conform to and preserve the round contours found in natural dentition, helping prevent ledges, gouges and flat contacts. • Versatility: In addition to the four strips of the IPR Strip System, the com- pany also provides four IPR Optional Strips to help provide perfect IPR with every case. Use the additional single-sided strips for cases where you need to strip enamel adjacent to an anterior crown or veneer without damaging the restoration, and use the thicker strips, such as 40/50 strips, to create spaces up to 5.0 mm. • Reusable: All ContacEZ den- tal strips can be sterilized in a steam autoclave and reused multiple times. 5 (Photo/ Provided by ContacEZ) According to the company, the IPR Strip System has become a mainstay in the offices of doctors, educators and influencers all over the world. “This system has become my go-to and is the standard in my Invisalign kit. Line-drive double in the gap for ContacEZ!” — Dr. Joshua Austin “Performing IPR is no longer a drudgery. Full control and ability to quickly establish the necessary reduc- tion when doing Invisalign cases is greatly enhanced when using your strips. They are very user and patient friendly.” — Dr. Curtis Chan “I love your products! [ContacEZ] has made interproximal stripping safer for myself, my staff and my patients!” — Dr. Susan Chen Join ContacEZ at booth No. 3424 to experience how the IPR Strip System can benefit your practice and your patients. While there, learn about other ContacEZ products and take advantage of convention specials.

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