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Worldental Daily Madrid 2017, 30 August

30 August 2017 30 de agosto de 2017 business economía Exhibitor Booth Exhibitor Booth Exhibitor Booth Exhibitor Booth Exhibitor Booth # 2019, International Dental Meeting 3M 3Shape 7A1 7E19, 7E20 5G8, 5G7, 5F14, 5F15 A 7F11, 7F10, 7E16, 7E17 ABIMO 7C10 Academy of General Dentistry 5F8, 5F7, 5E14, 5E15 ACTEON 5C9, 5C8, 5B8, 5B9 A-dec 5G13 ADVANCED HEALTHCARE LIMITED 7A6 AEEDC Dubai 2018 3H11 Aidite Technology Co., Ltd. American Dental Association 7B11, 7B12 APCD SAO PAULO DENTAL ASSOCIATION 7A7 7A8 APDC 2018 7C1 AQUAJET ARKRAY Europe, B.V. 5C7 Atlantis Editorial 3G2 7E4, 7E2, 7E3 Avinent Implant System AvivoTV 5I1, 5I2, 5H1 3F8, 3F6, 3F9, 3F7 3I12 3I7 B BEGO Implant Systems Beijing Canluso Co., Ltd. Beijing YHJ Science and Trade Co., Ltd. Being Foshan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. BEYES DENTAL CANADA INC. BIEN-AIR ESPAÑA BILKIM TIBBI URUNLER Biodinamica BIOLASE BioMin Technologies Ltd. Bionnovation Bisco Dental Products Bomei Co., Ltd. BoneModels SLU BOREA BOWON DENTAL Co., Ltd. BPP University Ltd. BTI BIOTECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE 3I1, 3I2 7C6 3E11, 3D11 3E23 7F11, 7F10, 7E16, 7E17 5D8 5H14 7F11, 7F10, 7E16, 7E17 7D2 5E7 5E13 5H19 7B7 5C3, 5B1 7F4-7E23 7F18, 7F19 5F4 5G10 5G3 5H12 C CADstar GmbH Campus Dental CAPENERGY - TECAR SPECIALTY Casa Schmidt Cavex Holland BV Changsha Tiantian Dental Equipment Co., Ltd. Chicago Dental Society Colgate-Palmolive Company COLTENE IBERIA SLU Correos Express Paquetería Urgente, S.A. Cranberry (M) Sdn Bhd Creativeortho Co., Ltd. CSM Implant CURAPROX 3H12 7A9 3I22, 5E1 3C21, 3D6, 3C20, 3D5 5G6, 5G5, 5F17, 5F16 7F7 5C21 3E24 7A28, 7A29, 7B4, 7B5 D Delma Medical Instrument 3I5, 3I4 (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. 5B10, 5B11, 5C10, 5C11 DENTAID 5D9 DENTAL CATCH IBERICA, S.L. 5H2 Dental Mammoth Ltd. 7A15 DENTALEXPO DentalTipTv 5C20 Dentasia Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. 5H21 Dentkist Inc 5I4 3F17, 3F16, 3G6, 3G5 5B26 Dentsply Sirona Designs for Vision, Inc. DFL INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO S/A DIADENT GROUP INTERNATIONAL DIGIMED Co., Ltd. Dingcheng (Shanghai) Dmate Donnerberg Doctor Tools SRL Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG Dr-Kim Co. DTI (Dental Tribune International) DUDENTIS 7F11, 7F10, 7E16, 7E17 5D12 5B22 3I8 5C2 7E5, 5I25 5B7 3D16 5F5 7A16-7A22, 7B13-7B17 5B15 E El dentista del Siglo XXI EL DENTISTA MODERNO-DM EMS Electro Medical Systems S.A. EVE Ernst Vetter GmbH Evoss Implant Exocad GmbH 3G1 5F11, 5F10 3F5, 3F4, 3E26, 3E27 5E5 5C19 5H22, 5H23 F Fairfield Orthodontics, LLC FDI World Dental Federation Foshan Cicada Dental Instruments Co., Ltd. Foshan Wenjian Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. Fotona d.o.o. FUNDACION DENTAL ESPAÑOLA Fussen Technology Co.,Ltd. 7D4 5E3 5H3 3G7 3F12 5D3-5D5, 5C22-5C24 5H8 5C13, 5C14 G GACETA DENTAL Gallantdale “Moda para Profesioneles de la Salud “ 7D13, 7D14, 7D15 5G11 GAP Research Ltd. Garrison Dental Solutions 3E20 5I3 GC EUROPE N.V. 7A10 GNYDM 5A4 Good Doctors Co., Ltd. GPA INNOVA-DLyte 3D12 GSK Consumer Healthcare 7E1 Guangdong Harmonic Medical Co., Ltd. 5B2 Guangdong Jinme Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Fujia Dental Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 3I19, 3I18 5B18 7B8 5B28 3H17 3H6 H Haenaem Co., Ltd. Hager & Werken GmbH & Co. KG Hangzhou Pengwu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Hangzhou ALS Dental Appliance Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Yahong Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd. HDX Will Healthcare Learning HENRY SCHEIN HST Stomalogical Scientific and Educational Co., Ltd. 3I15 5A23, 5A24, 5A25, 5A26 5C1 3D18-3D20, 3E1-3E4 7A21, 7A22 7A3, 7A2 5H18 Infodent International Infodent-Distributor Wall Innixim International Association for Dental Research Intra-Lock Iberia sl Iranian Dental Association ITL DENTAL Ivoclar Vivadent AG 7A13 5I23 7B2 7D3 5E19, 5E20, 5F3, 5F2 J JUNGWON INDUSTECH (MEDISONIK) Juvaplus SA 5A21 5D7 K KDIA (Korean Dental Industry Association) 7A24, 7B9, 7B8, 7A25, 7A26, 7B7, 7B6, 7A27 5H13 KEMDENT KERATOR (DAEKWANG IDM) 5B32 5G21, 5G20, 5H6, 5H5 Kulzer KYT Implantes Dentales SL 5A22 L LABORATORIOS CLARBEN S.A. Laxmi Dental Export Pvt Ltd. Lazon Medical Laser Co., Ltd. 5E16, 5E17, 5E18 3D3 3G12 M 3D1/3D2 Macro Dental World Pvt Ltd. 5F9 Majestic UK 7E24 MANI Schütz Dental 5G2 MARUCHI 5G18, 5G19 MAXILLARIS MDK Co., Ltd. 7A26 MDT Micro Diamond Technologies Ltd. 5B25 5F6 ME Dental Solutions Medicaline 5G9, 5F13 5A27, 7A4 Medident 5G1 Medimecca MEDIPLUS CO. 7A25 5H4, 5G22 MELAG Medizintechnik oHG 5H10, 5H9 Meta Biomed Europe GmbH Mexpo International Inc. 7C5 5C18 Micerium Spa MIT (Medical Implant Technology) 7A27 3F3-3F1, 3E28-3E30 Morita MPI 7E13 N Nanning VV Dental Co., Ltd. Nemotec Nexus Medodent North Vision Corp NSK Nakanishi Inc. 3I14 5E2 3D4 5A18, 7F14 5D2, 5C25, 5D1, 5C26 O OPTOMIC OrbitPro - WOHP (Wrigley Oral Health Program) OrisLine España S.L.U. 7E14, 7E15 7C4 7E9 P Pacific Orthodontics Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) 5F12, 5E10 Penta Brothers Enterprises 5B21 3F19, 3G3, 3F18, 3G4 PHILIPS 5G4 PLANMECA 5I24 Polydentia SA 7F12 Power Dental U.S.A. Inc. PROCLINIC, S.A. 5G4 5E12 PROCOTECH Pulpdent Corporation 5E7 Q Qinhuangdao Silide Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. Quintessence Publishing 3H7 7A5 5A3 R RAY, Your 3D Printing Solution R.O.C.S. Trading GmbH (R.O.C.S. ® Remineralizing Oral Care Systems) 3E22, 3E21 REVISTA RCOE/REVISTA DENTISTAS 5D3, 5C24 Rhein 83 Ataches Dentales 3D13 ROOTT Open Implant System | TRATE AG Rosterdent Europa SL Royal Dental Laboratory Runyes Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 7E8, 7E7, 7E6 3I20 3H8 3H4, 3G14 S S.I.N. Implant System 7F11, 7F10, 7E16, 7E17 7D8 Saddle Implant Technologies SA 3E6 Saeg srl Sanctuary Health Sdn. Bhd. 3E25 3F11 Sanhigia, s.l. 5H7 SD2 SEA4 - Blue Sea Laboratories 5D13 Septodent S.A.S. 7E26, 7F1, 7E25, 7F2 Shanghai Dochem Industries Co., Ltd. 3H15 Shanghai Haosun Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. Shenzhen UP3D Tech Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Perfect Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Superline Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Xiangtong Co., Ltd. 3E19 3H19, 3H18 3I11 3H14 3G10 Shenzhen Yute Tools Co. SHOFU Dental GmbH Siger Medical SINO Dental SINO ORTHO LIMITED Skeema Dental Italia SOMOS HIGIENISTAS DENTALES Spident Co., Ltd. STEEL STH- MOHONG BEARING CO., LTD. Suni Medical Imaging SUNSTAR Surgident Co., Ltd. Suvison SRL 3I9 5I7, 5H20 7F3 7A12 3H9 3I21 5I6, 5I5 7B6 5D6 3G9 7C9 5B27 7A24 7F8, 7F9 5C15 5D11, 5D10 T Technodent Industries TePe Oral Hygiene Products TIANJIN JINGGONG DONGYANG INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO. Titan Surgical Co. Titaniumfix TPC Advanced Technology Inc. Tri Hawk SA 3F10 3D7 7F11, 7F10, 7E16, 7E17 7B21 7D1, 7C12 U UIC Barcelona Unicorp Instruments Inc. UNIDENT UNIDI – Italian Dental Industries Association UNION TECH 5C12 7C11 5E11 7A11 3E10, 3E9 V VDW GmbH Velopex | AquaCare VERDENT Ltd. Victory Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. VOCO GmbH 5H17 5G12 7D12 3G13 5B16, 5B17, 5C17, 5C16 W W&H WAM WARANTEC Co., Ltd. Welcare Orthodontics Wisepress Women Dental Worldwide X XO CARE A/S Y Yamahachi Dental Mfg., Co. 5E21, 5F1 5E6 7B9 3C23 3D10, 3E12 7B3 5E9, 5E8 3E8 Z ZEISS ZIACOM 5G14, 5G17, 5G15, 5G16 3I3 World Dental Daily About the Publisher WDD is published by the FDI World Dental Federation in partnership with Dental Tribune International GmbH (DTI). fdi FDI World Dental Federation Tour de Cointrin, Avenue Louis Casai 84, Case Postale 3, 1216 Cointrin – Genève Switzerland Phone: +41 22 560 81 50 Fax: +41 22 560 81 40 E-mail: Web site: Dental Tribune International GmbH Holbeinstraße 29 04229 Leipzig, Germany Phone: Fax: E-mail: :etis beW +49 341 48474-302 +49 341 48474-173 moc.enubirt-latned.www FDI Communications Manager: Christopher M. Simpson Managing Editor: Daniel Zimmermann 3I16 Editors: Kristin Hübner, Javier de Pison, Monique Mehler I Indian Dental Association 3D4, 3C22, 3C23, 3D3, 3D2, 3D1 Product Manager: Claudia Salwiczek-Majonek Designer: Matthias Abicht Executive Producer: Gernot Meyer FDI World Dental Daily appears daily during the FDI Annual World Dental Congress in Madrid, Spain, 29 August to 1 September 2017. The newspaper and all articles and illustrations therein are protected by copyright. Any utilisation without prior consent from the editor or publisher is inadmissible and liable to prosecution. The FDI or DTI will not be liable for any damages of any kind or loss of profits that might arise from information found in this publication, regardless of whether the FDI or DTI has been advised of the possibility of such damages. While all attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the provided information, neither FDI nor DTI can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. 15

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