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prevention International magazine for oral health No. 1, 2017

ADVERTORIAL: PREVENTION ONE Profit from prevention Have you ever sent letters to your patients telling them about oral health facts, new possibilities in dental medicine or how to improve overall health? A personalised letter containing interesting information about oral hygiene, written and signed by you or someone on your team is not something a patient would generally expect. However, this can change with minimum effort on your part. T hink about how your patients’ attitudes will change once they know they have an oral healthcare pro- vider who personally cares about them. One from whom they receive support all year round–not only in the form of a letter, but also with a lovely box delivered di- rectly to their home containing all the necessary oral health care tools, information on oral health and a reminder for their next appointment. Your patients would eagerly await the ar- rival of this box since they read your personalised newsletters. What if patients could even engage in a continuous dialogue with your practice through a website and an app? Most dentists care about, and like to read about, prevention. However, what matters in the end, is to have a tested concept or approach where prophylaxis at least pays your rent, equipment and salaries. New business models and concepts for prevention and oral care in dentistry require five things to succeed: 1. High-quality oral care products that are demonstrated in the practice to explain the reasons and necessity for daily oral care. 2. A high level of communication to increase involvement with existing and potential patients, ideally through digital media such as a website, app or social media. 3. An advanced marketing concept including easy-to-handle so(cid:3)ware, which supports recall management, patient com- munication and process optimisation. 4. Continuous education and motivation of one’s own prac- tice team, who can then pass this new knowledge and mo- tivation on to their patients. 5. A look and feel of the practice with consistent marketing material and practice interior. Prevention One (P1) fulfils this purpose. It represents a holistic business model for the dental practice to activate, reactivate and motivate existing and new patients. Every dental practice has hundreds of inactive patients in their database, with no means to reactivate them. P1 unlocks this hidden potential and uses a full range of marketing services aimed at bringing the patient back to the practice. At the core of this practice concept are products and services for comprehensive home care for healthy patients. A new business model P1 is suitable for any dental practice and all its employees (the dentist, dental hygienist or assistant). It provides a preventive- oriented concept for dentists determined to add new services, pursue entrepreneurial success and increase their overall communication with patients. The entire team receives ad- vanced training to provide better oral healthcare instructions to patients. By doing this, the entire team essentially helps build a base of more loyal patients. P1 is designed to integrate easily into the practice, as it interacts with all existing dental and prophylaxis offers and therapies in the practice. No additional dental chairs or rooms are needed. The patient and the dental professional sit com- fortably together at a specially designed table where both work on improving or maintaining the patient’s overall health. In order to get those patients to the table, P1 combines treat- ment programmes, oral care products, software, marketing and communication material and an educational programme for the entire practice team. Essentially, it covers all the im- portant aspects of an oral health strategy for each day of the 38 issue #1

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