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prevention International magazine for oral health No. 1, 2017

feature | digital prophylaxis best possible prophylactic treatment. While did you decide to integrate the ORALyzer in your practice? Kunkel: The PerioSafe test does not simply analyse periodontitis, but within minutes tells us the risk of the patient developing periodontitis. On the one hand, we consider this as a great tool for motivating and communicating with the patient. On the other hand, blood and saliva testing methods are quite common in other medical disciplines and every doctor can and should use PerioSafe. We see PerioSafe and Im- plantSafe in the case of probable peri- implantitis as another step towards a fully integrated approach to medicine. The new digital reader OR ALy zer gives us exact information about the aMMP-8 concentration, lets us print the result immediately and send it to the referring doctor in certain cases. Digital prophylaxis used to be a thing of the future, but I definitely see the aMMP-8 reader as an effective tool for collecting data, motivating patients and helping them achieve sustainable health. september 2017 33

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