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prevention International magazine for oral health No. 1, 2017

feature | digital prophylaxis creased patient compliance and in- creased dental hygiene revenue. The ORALyzer allows the dentist to halt the tissue destruction process with sec- ondary prevention through advanced prophylaxis. Dentists confirm that 80 per cent of the patients who are tested positively, actively request more dental hygiene services and agree to two to six professional teeth cleanings per year. Dentists will not only gain more revenue with periodontally-healthy pa- tients, but more time can be devoted to those patients who are in need of further treatment, restorative work and other elective aesthetic procedures. Peri-implantitis protection Peri-implantitis continues to pose a risk for implant failure. Since approxi- mately 50 per cent of all dental im- plants placed worldwide are threatened with peri-implant inflammation and about one third of patients develop peri-implantitis within ten years, the solution to the greatest challenge in implantology can only lie in prevention and early detection. With the ORALyzer, a clinician now has the ability to as- sess the subgingival inflammation sta- tus around any individual implant. This knowledge is the key to pre- venting the tissue around the implant from developing peri-implant mucositis and, ultimately, peri-implantitis. Every patient with implants needs to come in at least once every six months, espe- cially if they show early signs of inflam- matory tissue destruction. If elevated levels of aMMP-8 are detected in the peri-implant sulcus fluid, oral hygiene treatment can be started at the pivot- point of destruction—right in time to prevent the progress and the manifes- tation of the disease. For an implant clinic, the ORALYzer opens the door to a significant increase in post-implant services. The radar system for professional perio monitoring More importantly, 10–20 per cent of successfully treated patients return with even more advanced periodon- titis than what was observed before the initial treatment. With the ORA- Lyzer, clinicians can test patients six to eight weeks after their perio treat- ment to find out if the patient is suf- fering from periodontal deterioration. Using the ORALyzer aMMP-8 testing system for perio treatment monitor- ing, a clinician can identify patients who need further treatment and can therefore effectively treat their patients and increase their profits at the same time. aMMP-8: The connection between oral and systemic health Interdisciplinary cooperation is a “high class of dentistry”. Every day, more and more research is published on the bi- directional relationship between perio- dontal disease and systemic health is- sues. Due to the high sensitivity of oral salivary diagnostics with aMMP-8, an increasing number of medical profes- sionals are using the procedure for the detection of health risks in patients. Periodontitis, which is by far the largest of all the known silent inflam- mation processes, can only be ad- dressed through an interdisciplinary approach. By identifying elevated lev- els of aMMP-8 in their patients with the ORALyzer, medical specialists can refer their patients to a PerioPreven- tion Center®, where they can receive hygiene care. PerioPrevention Centers® welcome new patients and get to do what they do best, while the patients receive the most comprehensive care possible for both their oral and overall health. Become a Perio Prevention Center® 500 specialised dental practices throughout Europe will get access to the new ORALYZer digital diagnostics technology in 2017/18 and will be able to associate themselves with the grow- ing network of physicians and dentists who use the technology. Please register at: for more information or to apply for ac- cess to the technology. september 2017 31

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