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prevention International magazine for oral health No. 1, 2017

ADVERTORIAL: A NEW PERSPECTIVE Dummies that are designed to suit the mouth’s anatomy can have a great preventative effect. Healthy breathing is especially important for babies and small children. It is scary just how many negative effects pathological breath- ing, especially mouth breathing, can have. If we miss something in child- hood, it could have a negative effect on the child for the rest of its life. If we are able to have such a positive effect on our baby’s health just by using the right dummy, we should start as soon as possible. To sum it up, it is very clear to me how important proper breathing is for all of us. As a midwife, I seek to ensure that this topic is given the attention it deserves both in the hospital and at my postnatal home visits. We owe it to our children. september 2017

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