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today Show Review for IDS 2017

SHOW REVIEW news Dreams become reality With Dream Clinic and innovative products, Planmeca showcases the future of dentistry at IDS 2017 (cid:132) At IDS, Planmeca was among the exhibitors with the largest exhibition space. With several new products on display, there was plenty for visitors to explore and discover throughout the week. Over an area of 800 m2, the company also presented an impres- sive audiovisual representation of a complete treatment workflow with its popular Dream Clinic Show. IDS is always sure to feature new products that will shape the future of dentistry and 2017 was no exception. As one of the largest exhibitors at the Cologne fair, Planmeca made a partic- ularly strong impression with several innovations that were presented in all of the main product categories. “We think that our new products are game-changing because the ulti- mate goal is efficiency in the dental clinic,” commented Planmeca Senior Vice President Tuomas Lokki. “If we can help clinicians to improve their daily workflows, I am confident they will trust us to guide them into the future.” Dare to dream As a special part of Planmeca’s IDS booth, the Dream Clinic illus- trated how the company’s fully inte- grated digital solution enables effi- ciency in all steps of the implant workflow. The show made use of a spectacular rounded screen in order to create an immersive environment for visitors and invited them in to sit down for a moment and enjoy a glass of champagne. The show drew im- mense crowds all week, and while seating was limited in the intimate setting, curious onlookers often gath- ered outside to find out what was going on. Sessions were held con- tinuously throughout the day in both English and German. The Dream Clinic Show featured all of the latest Planmeca products and highlighted the full potential of the company’s integrated overall solution. Built around the powerful Planmeca Romexis software plat- form, Planmeca’s sophisticated treat- ment workflows allow users to com- plete all of the steps themselves or flexibly outsource any parts to exter- nal partners. Various immersive activities were offered at the booth. For exam- ple, visitors were invited to experi- ence Planmeca equipment in their clinic environment using a virtual re- ality headset, providing them with a unique way to see what their ideal clinic would look like. Of course, Planmeca products were not only featured virtually. The company’s entire product line was also on display on the IDS floor for visitors to see and experience hands-on. The next generation of CBCT imaging Without a doubt, Planmeca Viso was among the most impressive prod- ucts that were introduced at IDS 2017. The innovative CBCT unit fea- tures a new workflow that, according to the company, takes the entire imaging experience to a new level. Volume placement is now done vir- tually from the unit’s control panel utilising integrated cameras and a live video view. This way, the user can see the patient from the control panel screen for flexible and exact positioning. This innovation also allows users to do field of view adjustments di- rectly from the live control panel view. The process is straightforward and intuitive, with the volume placed freely and its appropriate size deter- mined. Furthermore, the control panel of the unit can be accessed di- rectly from the imaging workstation. Planmeca Viso’s new imaging arm design allows for more space for the patient and shorter acquisition times. According to the company, there is no need for retakes because the new iterative Planmeca CALM al- gorithm for patient movement correc- tion ensures excellent results every time. Particularly useful when cap- turing images of restless patients, this mode can be selected either pre- ventatively before imaging or after- wards to achieve reliable results. Planmeca CALM is available for all Planmeca ProMax 3D radio- graphic units. Precious things come in small packages The release of the new Planmeca Emerald intraoral scanner proved that even 183 gramme can have a massive effect. Its small size, out- standing accuracy and exceedingly fast scanning speed will make it a true game-changer that will become essential to dental professionals, the company said. Owing to its extremely light weight, Planmeca Emerald is just like any other instrument the dentist uses daily. Furthermore, its simple plug- and-play architecture allows it to be easily shared between different treat- 4 37th International Dental Show 2017 ment rooms in a practice. The light- weight structure and user-friendly form of the scanner ensure optimal ergonomics and unmatched comfort for patients. Completing the company’s mis- sion to make CAD/CAM dentistry ac- cessible to all, Planmeca presented a new entry-level milling unit at IDS. The Planmeca PlanMill 30 S was de- signed for accurate chairside fabrica- tion of metal-free dental restorations and appliances. The cost-effective sin- gle-spindle unit does not compromise on quality and offers all clinics a pro- fessional entry into the use of this technology. The complete implant workflow As the leading software plat- form in dentistry, Planmeca Ro- mexis has become the heart of many modern dental clinics. The software supports all types of dental imaging and offers an extensive range of tools for it to be used in all speciali- ties. Planmeca Romexis now also provides a fully digital implant workflow, allowing users to design their own implant guides for the first time. From planning to manufactur- ing, all steps can be controlled and completed in the Planmeca Romexis software. The workflow has been fur - ther extended with the Planmeca Romexis Implant Guide module for designing surgical implant guides. With it, virtual plans can now be brought to reality accurately. Com- pleted surgical guide designs can even be created on-site with the Plan- meca Creo 3-D printer for unmatched efficiency throughout the implant workflow. Operational analytics at one’s fingertips With the aim of ensuring that clinical decisions are always based on the best possible information, Planmeca introduced a new way of looking at clinic operations at IDS. The web-based Planmeca Romexis Insights analytics service allows clin- ics and group practices to take advan- tage of interactive dashboard views and base evaluations, operative plan- ning and predictive maintenance on clear visualisations of usage statistics at any time. Even small dental clinics gener- ate large quantities of data each day. The Planmeca Romexis Insights ser- vice combines this data into informa- tive illustrations that facilitate evalu- ation of clinic operations intelligently. For the first time ever, dental manag- ers can benefit from real-time infor- mation on how their equipment is op- erating, including a comprehensive usage history with data-rich interac- tive dashboards. Planmeca Romexis Insights pres- ents a wide range of device analytics for tracking usage, trends and pat- terns over time. Clinics can look at their device status and receive alerts and monitor patient counts and in- chair time for Planmeca dental units equipped with patient detection sen- sors. Milling and radiographic unit usage counts are also available. One software for all needs With this many launches, as well as constant improvements to existing products, Planmeca users have much to look forward to in 2017 and be- yond. Dentistry is transforming as digital innovations continue to push the envelope. Built around a single software platform, Planmeca’s prod- uct offering forms a system that ex- tends to something that is more than the sum of its parts. The future is al- ready here for those prepared to em- brace it, the company said. (cid:26)

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