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today Show Review for IDS 2017

SHOW REVIEW industry ACTEON’s ultrasonic Piezotome Cube restores smiles Dentists welcome a new team member (cid:132) In 2005, ACTEON began its re- search into the potential applications of ultrasonic surgical tools in oral sur- gery and dentistry owing to an indus- try-wide lack of alternative treatment options. Today, ACTEON has scientifi- cally proven that its Piezotome ultra- sonic device significantly reduces postoperative morbidity, is superior regarding soft-tissue preservation and enhances bone healing. As a re- sult, thousands of dentists worldwide use the company’s well-known Piezo- tome device for bone surgery. At the 2017 International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne in Germany, ACTEON pre- sented the next step in superior and atraumatic osseous surgery proce- dures: Piezotome Cube. The innovative ultrasonic surgi- cal device Piezotome Cube embodies minimally invasive surgery and is ideal for superior osseous surgeries. The advanced unit, as well as its handpiece and tips, are beautifully designed and offer clinical benefits with an emphasis on ultimate preci- sion. Naturally intuitive, Piezotome Cube features the exclusive D.P.S.I. (Dynamic Power System Inside) smart assistance. Continuously moni- toring and detecting variations in ma- jor criteria during surgical proce- dures (clinical gesture, pressure, tis- sue, tips), the system delivers imme- diate power responsiveness whenever it is needed. This smart assistance can pro- vide a 30 per cent increase in power for improved cutting performance or a decrease in power of 10 per cent when encountering delicate anatomi- cal tissue, to be even safer. In addi- tion, the upgraded Cube LED hand- piece, based on the ACTEON six ce- ramic rings, delivers more power than ever. Delicate procedures can be conducted much faster, without any compromise between maximum power output and patient safety. “Piezotome Cube is the best inno- vation in ultrasonic devices,” said Dr Angelo Trödhan, a leading oral sur- geon and member of the TKW Re- search Group, which focuses on the development of tools for ultrasonic surgery. As a top expert in expanding alveolar ridges with widths of only 1 mm using a Piezotome Cube, Dr Trödhan stands fully behind this in- novative device. “Piezotome Cube is the new gold standard in oral sur- gery,” he added. Piezotome Cube: Minimally invasive procedures made possible Piezotome Cube can be used for numerous non-invasive clinical pro- cedures. The wide range of exclusive tips permits surgeons to broaden their surgical portfolio and inspires them to expand their expertise: – Atraumatic extractions preserving the supporting bone – Accelerated orthodontic treatment (piezocision) – Precise crown lengthening – Predictable healing after bone grafting – Safe lateral sinus lift – Crestal sinus lift, providing greater patient acceptance – Crest splitting leaving the perios- teum intact – Orthodontic bone stretching, offer- ing an alternative to ankylosed tooth extraction or relocation of a malpositioned implant. Piezotome Cube is compatible with all ACTEON surgical tips. Each of the well-designed surgical tips, strengthened by surface treatment, is extremely robust. Their vibration is perfectly controlled to perform fluid and smooth cuts. Furthermore, per- fect irrigation flow is facilitated, reaching the tip’s end to avoid any risk of bone necrosis. One-stage surgery in crest splitting ACTEON has proven that Piezo- tome Cube represents a new ap- proach to minimally invasive surger- ies. It is particularly relevant in the flapless Piezotome-enhanced crest splitting and widening technique. This remarkable surgical technique enables implant insertion into a nar- row alveolar crest. Prior to the devel- opment of Piezotome surgical de- vices, there was no means of cutting bone without the resultant bone loss during the procedure owing to the (cid:24) Dr Marcel Wainwright (left) and Dr Angelo Trödhan. 30 37th International Dental Show 2017 difficult handling of instruments such as oscillating saws and dia- mond-coated discs and their coarse way of working. “With Piezotome Cube, the surgeon does not have to tame stubborn rotating instruments, but can concentrate on the task at hand,” said Dr Trödhan. Furthermore, only very experienced surgeons Innovative Piezotome Cube facilitates OBS technique for ankylosed teeth and malpositioned implants Dr Philippe Bousquet is a special- ist in a new orthodontic bone stretch- ing technique that permits resto- ration of infra-occluded ankylosed teeth or movement of severely malpo- Atraumatic procedures relegated to the past Dentists are ethically committed to using the least traumatic surgical options and least invasive techniques to ensure the patient’s well-being. ACTEON and the dentists it serves want patients to be treated as if they are family and hence deserving of (cid:24) Marie-Laure Pochon, CEO ACTEON. could use older instruments to per- form vertical alveolar crest splitting while still maintaining the perfect ge- ometry. The ultrasonic surgery allows precise and easy use for crests of only 1 mm in width. With older instru- ments, crest splitting was limited to alveolar crest widths of more than 3 mm. A key advantage of performing crest splitting with Piezotome Cube is that only one surgery is necessary for the bone grafting and implant place- ment, leaving the bone–periosteum system intact. During implementa- tion, Dr Trödhan has found that “70 per cent of patients lack adequate crest width, especially when an alve- olar crest 6 mm wide is necessary to receive a 4 mm diameter implant in the molar region”. The older tech- niques widened the alveolar crest by transplanting autologous bone blocks to the narrow crest. This procedure is known to be very traumatic and chal- lenging to perform. In contrast, the ul- trasonic crest splitting technique is extremely precise and the tiny bone fracture heals very well because of the enhanced accuracy and auto-sta- bilisation. Hence, the risk of implant failure is lower than with other, older procedures. Piezotome Cube is best suited for pre-implantation surgical procedures because of its precision and ability to achieve bone cuts with minimal bone loss. “I have the feeling that the piezosurgery is a huge innovation”, stated CEO Marie- Laure Pochon. sitioned implants to the correct posi- tion. The lack of treatment options en- couraged Dr Bousquet to develop the orthodontic bone stretching (OBS) technique, which combines partial corticotomy and orthodontic treat- ment and results in expanded bone within 12 weeks. The atraumatic technique decreases the resistance of the bone surrounding ankylosed teeth. Using the piezoelectric surgical device, a decreased bone density and an increased bone turnover are ob- served in the surgical wound, leading to satisfactory healing and a happy, smiling patient. Using conventional methods, the extraction of ankylosed teeth often leads to a complex bony ridge defect, which is known to be a contra-indica- tion to implant treatment. Piezotome Cube and the OBS technique enable tooth movement with corticotomies and orthodontic treatment. The or- thodontic device induces and directs the movement along the desired axis. Preliminary results have shown a tre- mendous movement of 1–2 mm per month. Further applications of the OBS technique are the relocation of im- plants and treatment of the effect of residual growth on implant position. ACTEON is proud and honoured that this is the first time that orthodontic treatment has been used for implant movement. This technique has great potential for vertical bone augmenta- tion and opens up new paths for the patients. the best treatment possible. “If there is a new technology which we can uti- lise for the benefit of our patients, then we are obliged to use it,” empha- sised Dr Trödhan. atraumatic Crest splitting and the OBS pro- cedure highlight just some of the many advantages of Piezotome increasingly Cube. Patients are choosing Piezotome Cube surgery because of their nega- tive experiences with prior surger- ies or postoperative pain and swell- ing. ACTEON’s goal is to improve pa- tients’ care. Postoperative inter- views have shown that Piezotome surgery has made a very positive im- pact on patients’ lives: “The surgery with Piezotome was my last hope for having a beautiful smile again. My confidence has completely returned thanks to Piezotome surgery,” one patient said. Surgery using Piezotome Cube leaves a small wound of only 0.55 mm, much smaller than what would result from a tooth extraction. Patients ex- perience less postoperative morbid- ity and reduced postoperative compli- cations, with 87 per cent having no postoperative pain and 86 per cent no swelling whatsoever. Moreover, the reduced healing period contributes to the patient’s well-being and only one surgery is needed. “Getting my smile back helped me get my life back,” said a patient from Sweden. “It’s our mission to have the best treatment possible for the patients,” explained Marie-Laure Pochon. (cid:26)

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