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today Show Review for IDS 2017

SHOW REVIEW system is particularly flexible owing to a new production process. What can we expect your next steps to be? We have been very happy with the improvement in quality of our RECIPROC systems. We are certainly working on new RECIPROC products— in our pursuit of innovation and im- provement. This is what VDW is known for and this is what we promise our customers: continuous innovation in endodontics. A great example is RECIPROC blue, a very flexible sin- gle-file system for an even wider range of canals. In addition, the result is a sig- nificantly reduced risk of fracture due to cyclic fatigue and greater safety for the dentist and patient. With RECIPROC blue now having been on the market for seven months, many dentists have sent us their patient cases, especially in very curved canals. At the same time, we need to bring security and confidence to the treat- AD ment so that it becomes well estab- lished. We have RECIPROC lovers, but this file system also remains new to many dentists. Its new cutting ability and efficiency are unfamiliar to some dentists at first. Our solution is educa- tion, and we educate our customers throughout the world. The Dental Tribune International Magazines industry © VDW Proper irrigation and disinfection im- prove the likelihood of successful endodontic treatment. That is why you introduced EDDY, a new irrigation activation system, two years ago. Yes, the major reason for introduc- ing EDDY was that irrigation has re- mained relatively underestimated. There is still the belief that when the dentist places some liquid solution into the canal, it will do the rest itself. This can be compared to washing the dishes at home: one does not put the dishes into the sink filled with water, wait for an hour and then put the dishes back into the cupboard. The most probable cause of failure of end- odontic treatment is insufficient irriga- tion and disinfection. The best way to achieve proper irrigation is time in combination with the right instru- ment. Ultrasonic activation is still ac- cepted as an effective way to activate an irrigant. Recently, independent studies have shown that EDDY is just as effective—and in some cases even more effective—but also safer owing to its polyamide tip. We did not even know of some of these studies and were certainly happy about their great, although not surprising, results. The adoption rate of EDDY is growing— and we have never lost a customer who has tried it. We have spoken a great deal about how much VDW cares about dental professionals. In the end, it is also the patient who has to agree to the treat- ment, and root canal therapy is not popular among patients. I would like to subscribe to CAD/CAM Clinical Masters* cosmetic dentistry* implants laser ortho** prevention* roots Journal of Oral Science & Rehabilitation*** EUR 44 per year (4 issues per year; incl. shipping and VAT for customers in Germany) and EUR 46 per year (4 issues per year; incl. shipping for customers outside Germany). * EUR 12 per year (1 issue per year; incl. shipping and VAT for customers in Germany) and EUR 14 per year (1 issue per year; incl. shipping for customers outside Germany). ** EUR 22 per year (2 issues per year; incl. shipping and VAT for customers in Germany) and EUR 23 per year (2 issues per year; incl. shipping for customers outside Germany). *** EUR 200 per year (4 issues per year; incl. shipping and VAT). Your subscription will be renewed automatically every year until a written cancellation is sent to Dental Tribune International GmbH, Holbeinstr. 29, 04229 Leipzig, Germany, six weeks prior to the renewal date. Shipping Address Name Address Zip Code, City E-mail Date, Signature Country PayPal Credit Card Credit Card Number Expiration Date Security Code SUBSCRIBE NOW! F +49 341 48474 173 28 37th International Dental Show 2017 irrigation, obturation Many patients are scared of the treatment, but they do not have to be. I would encourage dentists to explain the procedure to their patients. I like our four steps in this respect: prepara- tion, and post-endodontic treatment. Of course, the dentist does need to drill, but the patient will not feel the instrument gliding down. The root canal is then rinsed to ensure it is clean. Gutta-per- cha, designed in the same shape the drill has created, is used to fill the space and close the canal. Finally, root canal posts are used to secure the post-endodontic restauration for a long-lasting result. These four simple steps rebuild the patient’s tooth. After that, the bad days are over and the pa- tient will have a healthy tooth, proba- bly for the rest of his or her life. If den- tists explain the treatment in this man- ner, many of their patients will look forward to endodontic treatment. Af- terwards, they will be pleased that their dentists saved teeth through root canal therapy, allowing the patients to keep their natural smiles, and be able to report that their dentists’ confidence in performing the procedure was evident. their Thank you very much for the inter- view. (cid:26) Editorial information: New information about products, education and events are available at the company’s website

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