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today Show Review for IDS 2017

SHOW REVIEW industry Prevention more popular than ever (cid:24) The busy Curaden booth with New Idem’s MAVI dental unit. (cid:132) At the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne in Germany, there were more than 2,300 exhibitors—and Curaden was right in the middle of the action. At its booth, the established Swiss brand showcased the entire Curaden portfolio, including the well- known CURAPROX and CURASEPT brands, the new Prevention One prac- tice concept and the ever-popular oral hygiene training programme iTOP. Curaden once again placed great em- phasis on education at the trade show to highlight its vision of better health for all. At the booth, dental hygienists gave clear instructions on the proper brushing of teeth, gingivae and inter- dental spaces and supervised attend- ees, correcting their techniques. Alex Galli, Head of Marketing and Sales at Curaden, concluded: “IDS was once again a great success for Cura- den. More than 5,300 visitors brushed their teeth with great pleasure at our booth. Among our many highlights, we presented two new products in Co- logne. With our CURAPROX Baby soother, we have taken a new ap- proach to paediatric dentistry by seek- ing to prevent early malocclusion from the first month of life. Whiter with every chew Introduced in 2015, CURAPROX’s Black Is White toothpaste has estab- lished a whole new means of whiten- ing teeth. During IDS, Curaden an- nounced its expansion of the Black Is White product “Our new CURAPROX Black Is White chewing gum, the world’s first black dental chewing gum, containing activated line: carbon, was the subject of much ex- citement. In combination with hy- droxyapatite and xylitol, our chewing gum gives dental professionals a new chewing gum with a wealth of dental health benefits,” said Galli. Using the power of activated carbon, both the toothpaste and the chewing gum whiten the teeth and remove stains. Increased profit with healthy patients At the IDS Speakers’ Corner, at- tendees witnessed nothing less than a revolution in prevention: in his presen- tation, Curaden’s Clifford zur Nieden introduced an innovative business model for (re)activating and motivat- ing existing customers and attracting new ones, demonstrating that healthy patients are profitable to the practice too. “A combination of Curaden’s ex- pertise in high-quality oral hygiene products, training systems and pro- phylactic concepts, Prevention One in- cludes a well-coordinated combination of dental care products, software, a practice marketing and communica- tion package, a dental health index, and a sophisticated training and certi- fication system,” said zur Nieden. More Swiss and Italian dental expertise Its 230 m2 booth at IDS also pro- vided space for those companies in which Curaden is strategically in- volved. Thomas Flatt, Managing Direc- tor of Scanderra, said: “At IDS 2017, edel+white celebrated ten years in business. Our new EasyFlex interden- tal brush mirrors the curvature of teeth and can thus reach interdental spaces in all parts of the mouth, even the molars. Here, the bending point of the brush is supported by a neck that works like a collar. Curaden has been a great partner for Scanderra and we greatly benefited from our participa- tion at the Curaden booth.” Promising comfort for both den- tists and patients with its chair ergo- nomics, Italian dental unit manufac- turer New Idem caught the eye of vis- itors with its MAVI dental unit. According to General Manager Vin- cenzo Ponzano, attendees appreciated the carefully selected, high-quality components and the new Greenery style of the MAVI. Italian brands Gerhò, Intermedical and Industria Zingardi also participated via the Curaden booth. (cid:26) Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig. 7 Fig. 8 (cid:24) Fig. 1: Visitors learned more about the Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy. (cid:24) Fig. 2: Our famous Black Is White toothpaste. (cid:24) Fig. 3: The iTOP programme achieves change through education, motivation … and a bit of humour.(cid:24) Fig. 4: Our new CURAPROX Baby soother prevents orthodontic misalignments.(cid:24) Fig. 5: Combining functionality and design: The Hydrosonic Black Is White toothbrush.(cid:24) Fig. 6: Ueli Breitschmid, CEO Curaden AG.(cid:24) Fig. 7: Gerhò, Intermedical and Industria Zingardi at IDS. (cid:24) Fig. 8: Scanderra celebrated ten years of edel+white in Cologne. 20 37th International Dental Show 2017

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