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today Show Review for IDS 2017

SHOW REVIEW news Publishers’ Meeting at IDS DTI is becoming a digital dental service platform (cid:132) Ahead of the 37th International Dental Show, Dental Tribune Interna- tional (DTI) held its 13th Annual Pub- lishers’ Meeting. This year, the meet- ing, which was attended by more than 75 licence partners from all over the world, including India, Iran, Is- rael, Italy and the Netherlands, dis- cussed a number of new projects for the upcoming year and strategic ap- proaches for future development. At the meeting, DTI CEO Torsten Oemus addressed new trends in the global dental industry, as well as the relevance of online education, e-com- merce for dentistry and event mar- keting. In response to these needs, DTI is continuously updating and ex- panding its portfolio, gradually devel- oping into a digital dental service platform, he said. DTI Press Event On the second day of the Publish- ers’ Meeting, DTI hosted a press event at the Hilton hotel in Cologne, with 30-minute slots, including modera- tion and a Q & A session. Orthodontic company Six Month Smiles had the unique opportunity to present its products and obtain direct feedback from an international audience. The press event was very well attended and facilitated mutually beneficial conversations. New prevention magazine DTI is continuing to expand its print portfolio and introduced its lat- est addition during the meeting: pre- vention. The new international maga- zine will feature topics concerning oral health and be released during the Annual World Dental Congress of the FDI World Dental Federation in Madrid in Spain this year. New website In response to the growing need for digital dentistry technologies and the increasing importance of digital media, DTI is relaunching its website this year as part of its continuing portfolio expansion. For improved us- ability, the navigation and menu of the local websites will be in local lan- guages. The fresh look will include a modernised, interactive layout, with a focus on company profiles. Further- more, the website will use several new advertising and content formats. A revised calendar with upcoming webinars and global events, as well as a map, will aid readers. In addition, an updated version of e-papers will be available for iPads. DDS.WORLD As a next step to further integrat- ing e-commerce into its portfolio, DTI has continued to develop DDS.WORLD, a new digital market- place. “A business is valued by the in- teraction with its clients and we need to continuously find new ways to en- gage with them. We need to adapt our business to the changing context,” ex- plained Oemus. DDS.WORLD, avail- able at, is a full-ser- vice digital marketplace for products, news, e-learning and practice man- agement. It is targeted at all partici- pants in the dental industry. It offers product listing and an associated search facility, a practice manage- ment software program, direct cus- tomer communication tools and much more. The comprehensive web- site has the potential to be a gam- er-changer in the provision of digital dental services to the industry. “The digital world is becoming increas- ingly important in this context,” em- phasised Oemus. ROOTS SUMMIT As part of its expansion, DTI is moving towards the events business and already organises the ROOTS SUMMIT, the discussion forum for ROOTS SUMMIT moves to Berlin Dates and location of 2018 edition announced at IDS © Claudia Duschek, Robert Strehler endodontics. Following on the success of last year’s event in Dubai in the UAE, with over 300 attendees, the next edition will take place in Berlin in Germany from 28 June to 1 July 2018. The ROOTS SUMMIT began as a dedicated Face- book group, growing from a membership of 1,000 in 2013 to more than 22,0000 currently, including dental professionals from well over 100 countries. In celebration of World Oral Health Day, as the official media part- ner of this annual FDI initiative, DTI performed a mannequin challenge on 20 March as part of its Publishers’ Meeting. The next Publishers’ Meeting will take place at the Black Sea in 2018 and be hosted by Dental Tribune Bul- garia. (cid:26) Netherlands, Brazil, India and the UAE (last year). Since the establishment of a ded- icated Facebook group in 2012, the ROOTS SUMMIT has increased its membership from just under 1,000 participants to its current level of more than 23,000, including many global endodontic opinion leaders. Well over 100 countries are repre- sented in the group. Members of the community engage in discussions re- garding endodontic treatment, the various issues that affect the patient, prognoses, current literature, and new equipment, procedures and pro- tocols, among others. The online com- munity is moderated by a volunteer group of endodontists. The 2018 ROOTS SUMMIT will be held at the European School of Man- agement and Technology, a historical site in the centre of Berlin. More information about the 2018 ROOTS SUMMIT will soon be avail- able at Dental professionals are invited to like the ROOTS SUMMIT Facebook page. (cid:26) (cid:132) At this year’s IDS, ROOTS SUMMIT members, friends and partners gath- ered at the Dental Tribune Interna- tional (DTI) booth for lunch to discuss various collaboration possibilities for the next event, which will again be Editorial/Administrative Office ARGE IDS TODAY GBR Dental Tribune International GmbH OEMUS MEDIA AG Holbeinstraße 29 04229 Leipzig Germany Phone +49 341 48474-302 Fax +49 341 48474-173 German ePaper-Issue International ePaper-Issue Publisher Torsten Oemus Rep. DTI GmbH Torsten Oemus About the publisher Rep. Oemus Media AG Ingolf Döbbecke, Jürgen Isbaner, Lutz Hiller Managing Editor Daniel Zimmermann (V.i.S.d.P.) Production Executive Gernot Meyer Production Matthias Abicht today Sonderausgabe PvSt. 50129 This newspaper appears after the 37th International Dental Show in Cologne, 21–25 March 2017. The magazine and all articles and illustrations therein are protected by copyright. Any utilisation without prior consent from the editor or publisher is inadmissible and liable to prosecution. No responsibility shall be assumed for infor- mation published about associations, companies and com- mercial markets. General terms and conditions apply, legal venue is Leipzig, Germany. organised in collaboration with DTI. It will be held in the German capital of Berlin from 28 June to 1 July 2018. Over the past two decades, the ROOTS SUMMIT has established it- self as the premier discussion forum for endodontics. At the luncheon, the ROOTS SUMMIT group was represented by Stephen Jones and Dr Freddy Bel- liard, who outlined the history, achievements and goals of the group. ROOTS SUMMIT originally started as a mailing list of a large group of end- odontic enthusiasts in the 1990s and has since 1999 evolved into organ- ised ROOTS SUMMIT events the world. The meeting has taken place in Canada, the US, Mexico (in con- junction with the Asoci- ación Mexicana de Endodoncia), Spain, the around 2 37th International Dental Show 2017

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