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today Show Review for IDS 2017

SHOW REVIEW Produits Dentaires expands in endodontics industry Produits Dentaires Swiss quality dental products (cid:132) Produits Dentaires stands for Swiss quality in dentistry. In more than 100 countries, the company of- fers dentists a wide range of high-quality products for use in end- odontics, restorative dentistry, pro- phylaxis, prosthetics and periodon- tology. At the recent International Dental Show (IDS), today interna- tional had the opportunity to learn more about the Swiss company’s fu- ture business strategies and portfo- lio. “We are a family business that has been operating in dentistry for 77 years now. However, this is a spe- cial IDS for us because we are enter- ing a new phase. What we’ve been presenting here is our vision for the future,” Yann Gehrig, Co-Executive Director of Produits Dentaires, along with his brother Nicolas told Dental Tribune International on-site. “Our portfolio has been very broad in the past. Now, our focus is on one partic- ular area: endodontics.” The company’s well-established MAP (Micro-Apical Placement) Sys- tem, for example, is a unique method for effectively placing root canal re- pair materials. This high-end product for specialists has been manufac- tured for more than ten years. With MAP One, Produits Dentaires now of- fers general practitioners performing endodontic work a useful, cost-effec- tive and easy-to-use version of the MAP System. “With this new product, for instance, we are able to give a much wider audience access to our products. This is an important aspect of our vision and we’ll continue in this direction,” stated Michel Ruff- ieux, Sales and Marketing Director at Produits Dentaires. AD Precision Tradition Innovation Thank you for your visit during the IDS. Keep in touch with us and learn more about our products made in the purest Swiss tradition on the Web. (cid:24) The company’s MAP System was on display at IDS. (Photograph: Robert Strehler) Over the past several years, Pro- duits Dentaires has built up an ex- tensive distribution network of agents, wholesale dealers and den- tal suppliers, making its products easily available worldwide. “With regard to meeting our partners and establishing new business relations, IDS is key for us. It is the only truly global exhibition,” Ruffieux com- mented. Another key element of Produits Dentaires’ business strategy is educa- tion. The company provides informa- tion and support worldwide through a national and international expert team of dentists, dental hygienists and other specialists from the medi- cal field, with whom it also regularly organises workshops and confer- ences. In addition, several research projects are running in close cooper- ation with universities and colleges in Switzerland and worldwide. “Our overall mission is to make den- tistry simpler and more accessible for everybody,” he concluded. To this end, the company organ- ised a workshop area at its booth this year for the first time at IDS. Every (cid:24) Dr Riccardo Tonini (Style Italiano) held a workshop at the Produits Dentaire booth at IDS. (Photograph: Robert Strehler) “Through our collaborations, we seek to create something new—prod- ucts with added value. We feel that innovations need to be explained not only to the distributors but to the us- ers too. We don’t want to just put the products in a catalogue; we want to make sure that training for our prod- ucts is done correctly,” said Gehrig. day during the show, Produits Den- taires offered free lectures and work- shop sessions, which were presented by key opinion leaders from Style Italiano, for instance, and very well attended and received. More information about the company can be found at www. (cid:26) 12 37th International Dental Show 2017 Switzerland at its very best...

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