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today Show Review for IDS 2017

much more than just a dental lab Product Development, Materials Science and Manufacturing (cid:131) Our dedicated in-house R&D team of 57 scientists and engineers creates and tests clinical products and materials (cid:131) Advanced technologies and tools are assembled from around the globe to produce products with clinical advantages at reduced costs, all in a single location BruxZir ® Solid Zirconia, BruxZir NOW, Obsidian® Ceramic, Camouflage® NanoHybrid Composite, Hahn™ and Inclusive® Tapered Implants, and 2,692 vidual individual implant components vinevine, manufactured in our Irv are manufactured in our Irvine, lifornia, facility. California, facility. p Clinical Research, Validation and Continuing Education (cid:131) Four on-staff clinicians work in cooperation with trusted research centers, including the TRAC Research arm of Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report ® and The Dental Advisor, to clinically validate our products’ effectiveness (cid:131) Comprehensive, affordable clinical education is offered in-person and online, with quality learning materials delivered to dentists across the U.S. in the form of free quarterly publications Software, Scanners and Milling Machines (cid:131) Our 48-person software development team creates programs for the digital data acquisition and custom fabrication of dental restorations (cid:131) Robot-attended manufacturing systems and computerized workflows promote precision quality Our engineering team has developed robotically attended s manufacturing systems for custom implant abutments, resulting in maximized consistency and controlled costs. Restorative and Preventive Dental Laboratory Services (cid:131) Experienced technicians utilize CAD/CAM technologies to deliver consistently high-quality cases at affordable prices (cid:131) Using clinically validated materials and digital technologies provides best-in-class restorations and preventive appliances Your prescriptions are filled using best-in-class products such as BruxZir Solid Zirconia, IPS e.max ®, Obsidian, Comfort H/S™ Bite Splints and Silent Nite® sl. The Glidewell International Technology Center in Irvine, California, provides didactic and hands-on clinical programs. CloudPoint digital Clo sca scanners and Fas FastMILL In-Office mill mills are designed and and built in Irvine, CA. ZAHNTECHNIK MADE IN GERMANY +49 (0) 69 2475 144-40 (cid:131) All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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