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today Show Review for IDS 2017

SHOW REVIEW industry Dentsply Sirona at IDS 2017 Impressive demonstration of integrated solution expertise (cid:132) With 50 new innovations on display at IDS, Dentsply Sirona showcased the power that resulted from the merger of the world’s two largest dental man- ufacturers. Under its slogan “The Dental Solutions Company,” Dentsply Sirona presented integrated solutions that it said will enable both general dental practitioners and specialists to offer their patients better, safer and faster dental care. “It is our goal to improve the pre- dictability and efficiency of treat- ments and achieve optimum care even faster. We accomplish that primarily by way of integrated solutions, and that is what makes us ‘The Dental Solutions Company’,” explained Jef- frey T. Slovin, CEO of Dentsply Sirona, at the event in Cologne. “I’m proud that we were able to present 50 groundbreaking innovations here just one year after the merger. They are the result of our joint research and devel- opment efforts, as well as the close ex- change of ideas with our customers.” Dentsply Sirona demonstrated its unique ability to address mega trends in the dental industry with integrated solutions. The key to this accomplish- ment, according to the company, is the efficient combination of enabling tech- nologies and consumables to trans- form into successful, safe treatment workflows. This includes pioneering products and processes that fulfil the (cid:24) Clinical workflows that easily merge into one another, similar to a metro route map, while offering alternative routes for complete flexibility, characterise the Dentsply Sirona solutions. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 (cid:24) Fig. 1: “We do not have products in mind, but solutions—this is what makes our company ‘The Dental Solutions Company’,” said Jeffrey T. Slovin, CEO of Dentsply Sirona. (cid:24) Fig. 2: The audience at the fair took the opportunity to talk to Dentsply Sirona representatives throughout the event. (cid:24) Fig. 3: Integrated solutions were the focus of nearly all Dentsply Sirona’s exhibition booths. individual needs and requirements of dental practices, exemplified by inno- vations announced by Dentsply Sirona at IDS concerning two particular ar- eas: CAD/CAM and endodontics. Strategic decisions More than 30 years ago, Dentsply Sirona introduced CEREC to the mar- ket, a CAD/CAM system that allows re- storative treatment in a single visit. Moreover, it offers efficient solutions for implantology and orthodontics. At IDS, the company announced that the CEREC system will now allow the ex- port of scan data in STL format, which means that digital impressions data can be used with software from other manufacturers. This provides dentists pursuing a gradual transition to the digitalisation of their practice with flexibility. They can now use CEREC Omnicam scans seamlessly when col- laborating with their dental labora- tory or with other clinical planning software. “CEREC is the best-tested solution on the market, as well as the one tried and tested over the longest period,” Slovin said. “The clinical success has been demonstrated in more than 250 studies. Over 40,000 users work with CEREC and have successfully performed millions of restorations this way. Consequently, Dentsply Sirona is well positioned to intelligently com- bine products into a unique workflow such as the one provided by CEREC.” Furthermore, Dentsply Sirona an- nounced a definitive agreement to ac- quire all of the outstanding shares of RTD (Recherches Techniques Den- taires). Based in France, this company is the world’s leading provider of end- odontic posts and perfectly comple- ments Dentsply Sirona’s portfolio of endodontic and restorative products. Both companies have had a successful long-term partnership, in which RTD supplied Dentsply Sirona with end- odontic posts. In this way, Dentsply Sirona’s endodontic unit can provide even better-planned solutions than be- fore. Solutions at a glance Dentsply Sirona has developed a clinically tested process for nearly treatment requirement, every in which all work steps are lined up like stations along a subway route. Trans- fers to alternative routes ensure that clinicians have enough flexibility to choose the best treatment option for each particular patient. Dentsply Sirona offers dentists and dental tech- nicians solutions based on their very specific needs. Symbolising the digital interlink- ing of processes, the route map pro- vides both general dental practitioners and specialists with plenty of options. Depending on the indication, patient requests or the practitioner’s personal preferences, efficient workflows can be used to reach the destination and desired results quickly and success- fully. The solution app developed partic- ularly for IDS directed the user to the right business units, booths based on the searched topics, areas of interest or products. “At IDS, it became apparent that it is less about the individual products,” stated Chris Clark, President and Chief Operating Officer for Technolo- gies at Dentsply Sirona. “Treatment workflows can be more effective and efficient if the individual steps, the technologies deployed and each prod- uct used are integrated and well matched.” Well-thought-out solutions for various indications Dentsply Sirona has already had great success with its integrated solutions just one year after the merger. Based on intense collabora- tion between the individual business units, well-thought-out workflows for various indications have been created. Endodontics is one example. Diagnosis and treatment planning are supported by CBCT-based 3-D endo- dontic software. For the treatment it- self, Dentsply Sirona has developed R2C—The Root to Crown Solution— which includes innovative file sys- tems and both direct and indirect res- toration concepts. The practitioner also benefits from the endodontic fea- ture that is available as an integral component of the Teneo and Sinius, which are the only treatment centres on the market with incorporated recip- rocal file systems. The solution features have also been expanded to implantology. Diag- nosis using 3-D radiographic devices, digital impressions using CEREC Omnicam, treatment planning with the corresponding software, manufac- turing of surgical guides, and inser- tion of clinically tested implants and their CAD/CAM-supported treatment merge seamlessly. In addition, the im- plantology feature integrated in the Teneo and Sinius treatment centres provides maximum comfort during placement. “It is not a coincidence that more than 600,000 dental professionals worldwide work with Dentsply Sirona products and treat up to six million pa- tients every day,” Slovin stated. “Prac- titioners believe in the quality and clinical safety of the products, as well as the 100-year experience of our com- pany. We do everything in our power to maintain this trust for at least an- other 100 years with our safe solu- tions.” (cid:26) 10 37th International Dental Show 2017

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