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Hygiene Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.3, 2017

Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 3/2017 HYGIENE TRIBUNE 5 New research explores effect of strawberries in oral cancer therapy By DTI COLUMBUS, Ohio, USA: As previous laboratory studies have suggested that dietary administration of whole strawberries has substantial poten- tial as a strategy for oral and esopha- geal cancer prevention, researchers at the Ohio State University have set out to analyze how the fruit’s cancer- inhibiting chemicals affect the oral microenvironment in heavy smok- ers. The recently presented initial results revealed some intriguing dif- ferences between smokers and non- smokers. “When people eat strawberries, they chew and swallow the fruit quickly. We wanted to develop a method of increasing exposure in the mouth to the benefi cial phytochemicals that have been linked with oral cancer prevention, and look for po- tential differences in that way the salivary enzymes in smokers versus non-smokers metabolize them,” explained study leader Dr. Jennifer Ahn-Jarvis, a postdoctoral fellow at the Ohio State College of Dentistry. In this approach, Ahn-Jarvis and her team designed a pilot clinical trial to analyze the effects of a specially de- veloped strawberry candy with the nutritional equivalent of two and a half cups of whole strawberries in a group of heavy smokers compared with a control group of individuals who had never smoked. To establish differences in salivary enzyme activi- ty affecting the phytochemical com- ponents of strawberries between the two groups, participants were asked to consume the strawberry confec- tion or a placebo four times a day for one week and follow a diet absent of other red and purple fruits and veg- etables. The team then collected saliva and oral tissue samples. From these, they observed signifi cant differences be- tween smokers and nonsmokers in salivary enzyme activity and straw- berry metabolites in the mouth after administration of the strawberry confection. In addition, the research- ers investigated the expression of a select group of 44 genes associated with cigarette smoke and oral cancer risk and were able to validate seven genes independently associated with smokers versus nonsmokers. “This initial data confi rmed that something is very different about the oral environment of smokers, which may ultimately infl uence not only cancer risk but also the poten- tial effectiveness of food-based can- cer prevention strategies,” Ahn-Jarvis concluded. “Successful development and use of our novel confection de- livery system paves the way for its use in a larger study, which will allow us to more precisely evaluate the ef- fects of smoking and strawberries on molecular endpoints related to oral cancer development.” Additional analysis of the study data is underway to determine whether there is a correlation between oral exposure time to anthocyanins and reduced oral cancer risk among smokers. Studies are also ongoing to identify strawberry-modulated genes in the oral cavities of smokers that may infl uence the development of oral cancer. The initial results of the study were fi rst presented at the annual meet- ing of the American Association for Cancer Research, held from April 1 to 5 in Washington. A new pilot study has suggested that cigarette smoke and the salivary enzymes in heavy smokers can infl uence the way cancer-inhibiting chemicals found in strawberries are metabolized. (Photograph: robertobarresi/pixabay) NEW Interdental brushes with WaveCut™ bristle technology for better cleaning Soft tip makes it easy to insert between teeth. Shorter bristles are perfect for effective cleaning between teeth. Bristles bounce back effectively cleaning around front and back sides of teeth. Jordan scores significantly higher than leading competitor brush¹ for control during brushing and overall quality² +13% +8% Find your size Jordan TePe Jordan TePe Quality product Control during use ¹ Tested against TePe , Market leader in Sweden ² Perceptor, Sweden, 2014, tested on 104 consumers, Age 40+ For more information +971 4 8871050

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