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today IDS 24 March 2017

My Surgery Box Peace of mind for a successful surgery To match your operative protocol, choose the products you need which are organised into 3 steps: P1 E T S Preparation (cid:436)(cid:477)Surgery kit (cid:436)(cid:477)Irrigation set (cid:436)(cid:477)(cid:477)Saline solution pouch (cid:436)(cid:477)(cid:477)Tube and suction cannula P2 E T S Surgery (cid:436)(cid:477)Scalpel (cid:436)(cid:477)Bone substitute (cid:436)(cid:477)Membrane (cid:436)(cid:477)Pins (cid:436)(cid:477)Suture (cid:436)(cid:477) Patient face wipe P3 E T S Post-OP Output patient bag content: (cid:436)(cid:477)(cid:477)Postoperative recommendations (cid:436)(cid:477)Cold pack (cid:436)(cid:477)Toothbrush (cid:436)(cid:477)Mirror Hall 11.2 Stand R-050

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