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today IDS 24 March 2017

industry I AM STRONG (cid:132) ACTEON is presenting its new syn- thetic bone graft material QUALIOS in Cologne. It is an obvious line ex tension for the company who to- gether with the XMIND TRIUM CBCT for immediate assessment of bone density and the PIEZOTOME ultra- sonic device provides a complete treat ment solution for implantology and periodontology. Made of phosphocalcium ce- ramic, the synthetic bone graft mate- rial supports bone regeneration. Its composition, which has been widely used in the dental and medical fi eld with long clinical feedback and evi- dence in terms of safety and effi cacy, is similar to that of the human bone. Calcium phosphate ceramics have recently shown that they may have osteoinduction properties and thus would be more powerful to regener- ate bone that the traditional xeno- graft products.1 QUALIOS is produced through a unique manufacturing process to achieve a highly porous structure with interconnected pores, which is particularly compression-resistant.2 This high resistance allows QUALIOS to hold its volume and fi ll the space long enough for complete regenera- tion, whatever the mechanical stress applied to the graft, for instance from mastication. The high porosity also makes QUALIOS very easy to handle, as it quickly absorbs fl uids whether you mix it with blood, saline or PRP to form a cohesive structure that does not stick to in- struments and that can be easily placed into the receiving site. QUALIOS is fully resorbable as well as synthetic to avoid the risk of contamination associated with prod- ucts from human or animal origin that are not always accepted by pa- tient for dietary or religious reasons. QUALIOS is available in a wide range of presentations to fulfi ll the requirements of each individual surgery. QUALIOS TCP made of 99,9 % ␤-TCP and has a fast resorp- tion of 2 to 4 months during which high quantities of calcium and phos- phate are released for osteoblasts to quickly build new bone. Made of 25 % of ␤-TCP and 75 % of hydroxy- apatite, QUALIOS BCP combines the advantages of both materials such as the quick resorption of the ␤-TCP and the long lasting effect of hydro- xyapatite. It resorbs within 6 to 24 months. Each formula comes in thin and large granules, as well as cylin- ders that can be easily placed into the socket and reshaped if necessary. QUALIOS is a new MORE IN- VENTIVE LESS INVASIVE product from ACTEON with the intend to make surgeries easier through opti- mal effi cacy and safety for the best care. (cid:26) 1 Miron R.J., et al. Osteoinductive potential of a novel biphasic calcium phosphate bone graft in comparison with autographs, xenografts, and DFDBA. Clin. Oral Impl. Res. 2015; 00: 1–8 2 Ranito C.M.S., et al. Hydroxyapatite foams for bone replacement. Key Engeering Materials 2005; 284–286: 341–4 Acteon, France Hall 10.2, Booth M060–N069 AD PERFORIERTE DIAMANTSTREIFEN BREIT WIDE PERFORATED DIAMOND STRIPS (cid:132) Die Technik der approximalen Schmelzreduktion erfordert viel Feingefühl. Die neuen, perforier - ten Diamantstreifen von NTI unter- stützen die kieferorthopädische Praxis bei dieser Aufgabe. Sie pas- sen sich nach Angaben der Firma besonders fl exibel der Oberfl äche des Zahnes an. Das vereinfacht die approximale Anpassung von Füllungen der Klassen II, III und IV. Die Streifen sind abrasiver als die normalen Streifen, was die Be- handlungszeit reduziert. Drei unterschiedliche Körnun- gen erlauben den individuellen Abtrag je nach Bedarf. Die Strei - fen sind aus rostfreiem Stahl ge- fertigt, was eine wiederholte Des- infektion und Sterilisation garan- tiert. Die Stabilität der Streifen verhindert zudem, dass die Strei - fen während der Behandlung frak- turieren. So werden die Patienten vor Verletzungen geschützt. (cid:26) (cid:132) Approximal enamel reduction requires a high level of sensitivity. The new, perforated strips from NTI help orthodontic practices with this technique. The new perforated diamond fi nishing strips adapt par- ticularly fl exibly to the surface of the tooth, according to the company, which facilitates proximal contour- ing of Class II, III and IV fi llings. The strips are more abrasive than standard strips, and therefore reduce treatment time. Three different grit sizes enable customised reduction according to requirements. The strips are manu- factured from stainless steel that guarantees repeated disinfection and sterilisation. The stability of the strips further prevents them fracturing during treatment. This way, patients are protected against injury. (cid:26) NTI Kahla, Germany Hall 11.2 Booth L008 WAVES OF INNOVATION IIIINNNNNNNNNNNNOO EITEN SIE MIT UNS AUF EN INNOVATIONSWELL HALLE 4.2 / J 090 D R S E N Neue Präzisionssilikone – scanbar – Moderne Desinfektionsmittel – mit Dermatest – Neuartige lichthärtende Kunststoffe – in gelform – Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch. Für jeden Besucher liegt ein kostenloses Muster bereit! Müller-Omicron GmbH & Co. KG · Schlosserstraße 1 · D-51789 Lindlar / Köln · Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 2266 47420 · E-Mail: ·

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