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today IDS 24 March 2017

d’r Salzgass at Salzgasse 5–7, which serves a Kölsche menu and speciality Kölsch beer. Frequented by locals and tourists alike is also the Weinhaus Vo- gel at Eigelstein 74, where guests can enjoy excellent regional food and expe- rience life in the city. AD Discover the clinic of your dreams! Cologne in the day and at night Among the most famous of the city landmarks is the Cologne Cathedral, which is more than 700 years old. The second-tallest sacral building in Ger- many, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 and at- tracts fl ocks of visitors from around the world each year. Besides the impressive architectural cathedral, are the Heinzelmännchenbrunnen (Gnome fountain), the city hall and the Melaten cemetery, which spans more than 435,000 m2 and has a number of impressive tombs and monuments. AD The night walk in the Old Town on 24 March offers a different view of Cologne, bringing the city’s history to life through tales surrounding its many buildings and streets. Several other guided tours, held during the day too, take visitors to famous and less known, but fascinating, areas of the city. Art and exhibitions is celebrating In 2017, Germany the 150th anniversary of Käthe Koll- witz, one of the country’s most fa- mous graphic artists and painters. During the whole week of IDS, the Käthe Kollwitz Museum at Neu - markt 18–24 is showcasing several of her works in a special exhibition. At the Cologne City Museum at Zeughausstraße 1, visitors can learn more about the history of the 1,000-year city. In a special exhibi- tion about the Heumarkt, organised in collaboration with the Roma- no-Germanic Museum, the history of one of Cologne’s largest squares is conveyed. Until 26 March, the Ro- mano-Germanic Museum is also showing over 400 ancient and early medieval glass objects in the con- text of the time in which they were created. Multifaceted theatre IDS visitors will fi nd more cultural offerings in Cologne’s theatres. For lovers of the classics, for example, the Metropol Theater at Eifelstraße 33 will be presenting William Shake- speare’s Twelfth Night, or What You service performed at the Balloni halls at Ehrenfeldgürtel 88–92. The role of Papa geno will be played by Guildo Horn, who quickly rose to inter- national fame by competing for Ger- many in the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest. Contemporary music lovers will enjoy the musical adaption of the fi lm The Bodyguard, being shown at the Musical Dome, right next to the train station. © Goldencow Images/ Will on 23 March. On Friday, the Theater der Keller at Kleingedank- straße 6 brings Friedrich Dürren- matt’s crime novella The Pledge to life on stage. For those who prefer something lighter, comedian Hans-Joachim Heist through his persona Gernot Hassknecht will give his unique take on current politics at the COMEDIA Theater at Vondelstraße 4–8. More venturesome types might be inter- ested in the cross-media adaptation of Michel Houellebecq’s science fi c- tion novel The Possibility of an Is- land, which will be shown at the Alte Feuerwache on Melchiorstraße 3 throughout the week. New and enduring There are many concerts taking place during the week of IDS. On Monday evening, for example, trum- peter Till Brönner is performing his new album The Good Life at the Co- logne Philharmonic Hall at Bischofs- gartenstraße 1. Also being held during the week is the annual Fest für Alte Musik, this year titled “Greatest Hits”, which showcases music that has been played for centu- ries. At the Trinity church at Filzen- graben 6, visitors can experience the Lutheran cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach. The highlight of the festival, however, will be The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, © Nickola_Che/ These suggestions cover only some of the options to ensure your stay in one of the most lively, attrac- tive and charming of German cities is most enjoyable. 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