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today IDS 23 March 2017

KLIRICH PRO AND KLIRICH HOME ORAL GEL (cid:132) After 15 years of research, Itena Laboratories is launching a new product that was developed to help with infl ammations in the mouth. Presented as an oral gel boasting natural ingredients such as clove, extracts of grapefruit seed, calen- dula and alchemilla, KLIRICH PRO and KLIRICH HOME offers a solu- tion for multiple problems of the oral cavity, the company said. Com- bined with a gum massage, it devel- ops a rapid decongestant and an- ti-infl ammatory effect. KLIRICH PRO and KLIRICH HOME reportedly destroys between 99.90 % and 99.99 % of the tested mi- croorganisms present in the oral cav- ity. Clinicial studies have also proven its effectivness against gingivitis. are ideal for periodontal problems as well. Patient can continue treat- ment with KLIRICH HOME at home, which comes in pen form featuring a silicone tip. (cid:26) ITENA, France Hall 11.1 Booth R058 For use For use in the dental practices, in the dental practices, KLIRICH PRO comes in a kit with two 3 ml syringes and 12 ultra soft massaging gingival tips. There is a possibility to use curved tips that AD Bone Cutter C141AC / C162S / C255A 0 4 0 . . 6 0 2 C A 1 4 1 C 6 1 0 . 6 1 3 . S 2 6 1 C 6 1 0 . 6 0 2 . S 2 6 1 C 6 1 0 . . 4 0 1 S 2 6 1 C 2 1 0 7 1 3 . . A 5 5 2 C 2 1 0 . 6 0 2 . A 5 5 2 C 2 1 0 . . 4 0 1 A 5 5 2 C Bone Cutter C141AC The newly blade design guarantees controlled preparation and a smoother bone structure surface for good wound healing. The cutter meets the high demands placed on a high-quality surface during surgical preparation of the bone, due to the ZrN (zircon nitride) hard coating. Bone Cutter C162S Bone cutter for gentle trimming of bone and tooth structure. The special S-cut for optimum cutting sharpness and perfect blade action for an even better cutting sensation and maximum cutting control. Bone cutter C255A Cylindrical bone cutter for effective preparation of bone tissue and tooth structure. A cylindrical bone cutter for effective, thin bone cuts with only 1.2 mm cutting thickness. A blade configuration with long cutting edges and large chip space guarantees a very quiet running instrument with the highest cutting performance and maximum protection of the bone structure to be cut. The long, slender instrument neck enables good visibility during preparation. Prophylaxis Polishers, Brushes A R 6 4 2 1 A R 7 4 2 1 A R 8 4 2 1 A R 9 4 2 1 A R 0 5 2 1 Prophylaxis Cups Polishers with plastic contra-angle shank and spray guard, prevents penetration of polishing paste into the contra-angle. For single use with polishing paste, non autoclavable. Prophylaxis Cups with nubs Polishers with plastic contra-angle shank and spray guard. Special nubs on the outside and inner diagonal lamellae constantly guide the paste to the edge of the cup and thus always towards the teeth, ensuring optimum tooth cleaning while simultaneously reducing the frictional heat. For single use, non-autoclavable. Prophylaxis Brushlets Nylon brushes with plastic contra-angle shank for removing accretion, with polishing. Hall 11.1 Aisle C 18 / D 19 EDENTA AG Hauptstrasse 7 CH - 9434 Au / SG Switzerland Tel.: +41 (0)71 747 25 25 Fax +41 (0)71 747 25 50 E - Mail: i n f o @ e d e n t a . c h Internet: 36 37th International Dental Show 2017 · 23. März 23 March industry KNOCHENFRÄSER C255A BONE CUTTER C255A (cid:132) Für die effektive Präparation von Knochengewebe und Zahn- hartsubstanz bietet das Schweizer Unternehmen Edenta den zylin- drisch Knochenfräser C255A an. Mit dem Instrument können effek- tive, dünne Knochenschnitte mit nur 1,2 mm Schnittstärke erreicht werden. Eine Verzahnung mit lan- gen Schneidkanten und einem großen Spanraum gewährleistet laut dem Unternehmen einen sehr ruhigen Instrumentenlauf bei höchster Schnittleistung unter maximaler Schonung der zu zer- spanenden Knochensubstanz. Der lange, schlanke Instrumentenhals erlaubt darüber hinaus eine gute Sicht während der Präparation. Der Edenta Knochenfräser ist für das Freilegen und entfernen reti- nierter Weisheitszähne, Wurzelspitzenresektio- nen, Präparation von Knochensubstanz und Knochendeckeln sowie das Zerteilen von Zäh- nen und Zahnwurzeln geeignet. (cid:26) (cid:132) The cylindrical bone cutter C255A from the Swiss company Edenta was developed for an ef- fective preparation of bone tissue and tooth structure. With the in- strument clinicians can effective, thin bone cuts with only 1.2 mm cutting thickness. A blade con- fi guration with long cut- ting edges and large chip space guarantees a quiet running instrument that at the same time the highest cutting perfor- mance and maximum protection of the bone structure, according to the company. The long, slender instrument neck further provides good visibility during prepa- ration. The Edenta bone cutter is indicated for exposing and remov- ing retained wisdom teeth, apicec- tomies, preparation of bone struc- ture and bone lids, as well as cut- ting teeth and tooth roots. (cid:26) Edenta, Switzerland Hall 11.1 Booth C018–D019

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