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today IDS 23 March 2017

I AM POWERFULLY INTUITIVE I AM POWERFULLY INTUITIVE intuitive, intuitive, (cid:132) Extremely powerful, reli- Extremely powerful, reli- able and the able and the Piezotome CUBE drasti- Piezotome CUBE drasti- cally improves the experi- cally improves the experi- ence of bone surgical pro- ence of bone surgical pro- cedures. According to the cedures. According to the manufacturer Acteon, it manufacturer Acteon, it opens new horizons for cli- opens new horizons for cli- nicians who want a more nicians who want a more predictable, accurate and predictable, accurate and faster atraumatic bone faster atraumatic bone treatment. The use of Piezo- treatment. The use of Piezo- tome ultrasonic surgery is now tome ultrasonic surgery is now the standard for pre-operative treat- the standard for pre-operative treat- ments. Both clinicians and patients ments. Both clinicians and patients strument organi sation, the strument organi sation, the autoclavable handpiece holder autoclavable handpiece holder can be placed on the sterile table or can be placed on the sterile table or clipped onto it to save precious space clipped onto it to save precious space and protect the handpiece from fall- and protect the handpiece from fall- ing. Piezotome CUBE is compatible with all ACTEON surgical tips. Each of them is extremely robust thanks to their specially treated surface. Vibra- tion can be perfectly controlled for fl uid and smooth cuts. Piezotome CUBE is delivered with the Essential kit, a selection of Acteon’s most popular surgical tips. The possibility to perform new surgi- cal ultrasonic techniques with them has paved the way for more minimally invasive approaches to improve pa- tient’s care. With using Piezotome CUBE clinciains do not have to make compromises anymore, the company said.(cid:26) Acteon, France Hall 10.2 Booth M060–N069 universally recognise the clinical benefi ts of ultrasonic bone surgery owing to its establish and proven ability to cut safe, minimise bone loss, provide optimal visibility as well as superior healing and reduce post-operative pain.. The Piezotome CUBE ultrasonic power generator uses patented Newtron technology. The advanced unit as well as the hand piece and tips are well matched and offer clin- ical benefi ts in a number of areas in- cluding soft tissue preservation. It provides both effi ciacy and comfort for both the clinician and patients. Very intuitive, Piezotome CUBE features the exclusive ACTEON inte- grated system. Continuously moni- toring and detecting variations in major criteria during the surgery (gesture, pressure, tissues, tips), the system automatically adjusts the power delivered by the unit when needed. This smart assistance fea- ture provides a 30 % increase in power for improved cutting perfor- mance and a power adjustment by 10 % when encountering the anatomi- cal area for an even safer and relaxed experience. The upgraded CUBE LED hand- piece conception based on the ACTEON 6 ceramic rings delivers more power than ever. By combining maximum power output and patient safety, procedures can be done much faster. The compact device also boasts a large user-friendly touch screen where all parameter settings are dis- played in a bright blue colour. In addi- tion, a multifunctional foot switch pro- vides optimal control in a complete sterile environment. In regard to in- AD 34 37th International Dental Show 2017 · 23. März 23 March industry ANTI-SCHNARCH-THERAPIE SNORE3 UND DIODEN- GEPUMPTER ERBIUM SNORE3 ANTI-SNORE THERAPY AND DIODE-PUMPED ERBIUM (cid:132) Mit SNORE3 stellt die elexxion AG auf der IDS eine neuartige laser- basierte Anti-Schnarch-Therapie vor, die beim Patienten in kürzester Zeit zu einer deutlichen Reduktion des Schnarchens führt. Bei dem Verfahren wird das weiche Gau- mensegel mithilfe von claros, ei- nem digital gepulsten Diodenlaser (DPL), in nur drei Sitzungen ge- strafft und die Verengung im Ra- chenraum beseitigt. Patienten fi n- den mit der Therapie schnell, sicher und schonend wieder zu einem ge- sunden Schlaf, und das ohne Sprit- zen, Schmerzen und Narben, so das Unternehmen. Weichgewebe mit einer sehr hohen Energieeffi zienz schonend bearbei- ten. (cid:26) (cid:132) At the International Dental Show elexxion is presenting SNORE3, an innovative laser-based anti-snore therapy, which offers patients a sig- nifi cant reduction in snoring in a short amount of time. During the pro- cedure, the soft palate is tightened in just three sessions using claros, a digital pulsed diode laser (DPL), thus enlarging the throat area. Patients will regain healthy sleep quickly, safely and gentle with no injections, pain or scarring, the company said. Das SNORE3-Verfahren mit dem ultrahochgepulsten claros- Dioden laser, der auch für die photo- thermale Therapie (PTT) mit perio green bestens geeignet ist, stellt eine effektive Anti-Schnarch-Me- thode dar, die auch für Laserein- steiger einfach anzuwenden ist. Schlafbezogene Atemstörungen, die durch Platzmangel im Rachen- raum verursacht werden, können damit zuverlässig behandelt wer- den. Mit einer Wellenlänge von 810 nm wird auf das Innere des Gaumengewebes eingewirkt und das Gaumensegel gestrafft. Die Be- handlung im Non-Kontakt-Modus ist durch die Kombination aus hoher Laserenergie und variabler Pulsfre- quenz nach Angaben des Unterneh- mens so behutsam und schmerzfrei für den Patienten, dass sie ohne Anästhesie durchgeführt werden kann. So ist das nichtinvasive Ver- fahren, das durch das Zahnheilkun- degesetz abgedeckt ist, von allen Zahnärzten sicher anzuwenden und privat abrechenbar. Auch der Kombilaser delos, der weltweit erste diodengepumpte Er:YAG-Laser seiner Art, ist einen Besuch am IDS-Stand wert, so das Unternehmen. Mit ihm lässt sich sowohl das Hart- als auch das SNORE3 in combination with the ultra-high pulsed claros diode la- ser, which is also ideal for photother- mal therapy (PTT) with perio green, for example, offers an effective method to prevent snoring that is simple to perform even for beginners of laser dentistry. It is a reliable method for treating sleep-based re- spiratory problems that are caused by a lack of space in the throat area. With a wave length of 810 nm, the therapy works on the inside of the palate tissue and tightens the soft palate. The non-contact treatment provided by this combination of high laser energy and variable pulse fre- quency is so gentle and pain-free that it can be carried out without an- aesthesia. The combi-laser delos, the world’s fi rst diode-pumped erbium of its kind, is also worth a visit to the IDS stand, according to the company. The device offers gentle treatment of hard and soft tissue with very high energy effi ciency. (cid:26) elexxion, Germany Hall 10.1 Booth J030–K031

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