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today IDS 22 March 2017

Solve Dental Challenges Now, Beyond Expectation Meet Waterlase Express™, the NEW 5th-generation, all-tissue laser that will change the way you practice dentistry. Waterlase has the power and simplicity to solve dental problems now, beyond expectation. The versatile and gentle combination of laser energy and water has the power to relieve dental anxiety at the source — for you, your team, and the patients you serve. With powerful clinical animations included for each procedure, you can start performing REPAIR™ Perio and Implant laser treatment — plus many other procedures with our smallest, easiest, most cost- (cid:72)(cid:909)(cid:72)(cid:70)(cid:87)(cid:76)(cid:89)(cid:72)(cid:3)(cid:40)(cid:85)(cid:69)(cid:76)(cid:88)(cid:80)(cid:3)(cid:79)(cid:68)(cid:86)(cid:72)(cid:85)(cid:3)(cid:92)(cid:72)(cid:87)(cid:17) (cid:3)(cid:143) Give your patients the best possible dental experience with less anesthetic and fewer shots (cid:3)(cid:143) Help patients address oral health issues sooner (cid:3)(cid:143) Easy tablet interface (cid:3)(cid:143) Step-by-step animations (cid:3)(cid:143) Customer Care button for comprehensive help when needed (cid:3)(cid:143) Uses patented 5th-generation Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG laser engine FOR YOUR PATIENTS (cid:3)(cid:143) Less fear and anxiety (cid:3)(cid:143) (cid:52)(cid:88)(cid:76)(cid:70)(cid:78)(cid:72)(cid:85)(cid:3)(cid:68)(cid:81)(cid:71)(cid:3)(cid:80)(cid:82)(cid:85)(cid:72)(cid:3)(cid:72)(cid:605)(cid:70)(cid:76)(cid:72)(cid:81)(cid:87)(cid:3)(cid:89)(cid:76)(cid:86)(cid:76)(cid:87)(cid:86) (cid:3)(cid:143) Faster healing and recovery (cid:3)(cid:143) Retains more healthy tissue FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM (cid:3)(cid:143) More positive patient outcomes (cid:3)(cid:143) Increased production (cid:3)(cid:143) Reduced recalls, more chair time (cid:3)(cid:143) Fresh approach to “old” dentistry Experience the All-New Waterlase Express at IDS! German/Intl. Pavilion, Hall 11.3, Stand E050 US Pavilion, Hall 04.2, Stand L060 M061 © 2017 BIOLASE, Inc. All rights reserved.

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