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today IDS 22 March 2017

industry are automatically integrated into the control software. The powerful QuickVision 3D soft- ware that comes with the unit encourages comprehen- sive planning, because it allows clinicians to simulate implant positioning and to import STL files from laboratories and in- traoral cameras. The software features a number of cutting- edge functionalities like oblique MPR* mode and a F. O. V. from 9 x 9 to 5 x 5 cm format, making viewing cross-sections of pa- tients’ teeth easier than ever be- fore. This outstanding software is ideal for quicker, safer and more efficient prosthetic im- plant dentistry. For those still unsure about changing to I-Max 3D, Owandy Radiology offers a variety of tu- torial videos on its YouTube channel Owandy Radiology. 7 * MultiPlanar Reconstruction Owandy, France Hall 11.1 Booth A030–B031 AD ® E S P Y L E CLINICIANS KEEP AHEAD WITH THE I-MAX PANORAMIC SYSTEM n Latest advancements in 3-D imag- ing technology have turned what once was an extraordinary purchase into an affordable and invaluable ne- cessity for every forward-thinking dental practice. A leading European manufacturer of dental radiology and imaging software for over 20 years, Owandy Radiology is going to present its I-Max 3D to dental distributors in Germany for the first time. The I-Max 3D is the result of state-of-the-art technological and manufacturing ex- pertise. With its sophisticated and er- gonomic design, the I-Max 3D pro- vides revolutionary technology and comprehensive performance at a budget-pleasing price, according to the company. Over 500 I-Max 3D units have been successfully installed in Europe since the start in 2016. Boasting a weight of just 66 kilograms as well as an exclusive “Easy to Install” system, the sleek I-Max 3D panoramic unit is delivered fully assembled and in one package, requiring only one techni- cian for the installation. It can be mounted to walls quickly and con- nects to a practice network without a dedicated PC. “The I-Max 3D offers an un- matched investment/performance ra- tio, at lower purchase, delivery and installation costs, guaranteed high definition image quality, and a number of different services to treat any case,” said Boris Loyez, Owandy Radiology Inter- national Sales Manager. “Our I-Max 3D is a unique opportu- nity for dental dealers in Ger- many to offer their customers state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price.” “With the German 3-D im- aging market on a continuous path for growth, we see a big potential for our products among dental practices,” he added. The I-Max 3D stands for more than just exceptional and user-friendly design, according to Owandy Radiology. It comes with a 3-D Cone Beam sensor, allowing clinicians to receive high-definition images (87 µ m) with every X-ray. By including the Automatic Layers Integra- tion System (ALI-S), the unit also makes the diagnostic pro- cess considerably safer and easier, as one can view clinical and anatomical details with maximum precision. With its intuitive and us- er-friendly Human-Machine In- terface (HMI), the unit’s imag- ing tools and enhancing filters DENTATUS NARROW BODY IMPLANT SYSTEMS FOR NARROW RIDGES AND LIMITED SPACES Anew® Implants with Screw Retained Prosthetics The Advantages • Single tooth prosthetics • Multi-unit restoration • Elypse for removable denture Available in diameters 1.8, 2.2, 2.4 & 2.8 (NEW) mm Atlas® Implants for Denture Retention The Advantages • One stage procedure • No housings, o-rings or adhesives required • High patient satisfaction Available in diameters 1.8, 2.2, 2.4 & 2.8 mm 46 Dentatus AB Swe +46 8 546 509 00 USA + 1 212 481 1010 37th International Dental Show 2017 · 22. März 22 March MADE IN SWEDEN VISIT DENTATUS AT IDS, HALL 10.1, STAND J/50-K/59

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