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today IDS 22 March 2017

A FREE INVESTMENT IN THE FUTURE ANTIBACTERIAL COATINGS FOR PREVENTING PERI-IMPLANTITIS industry WITH WORLD OF 3SHAPE (cid:132) Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” 3Shape fully agrees. That is why the Danish industry leader has put together an extensive and informative lecture series at their booth in hall 4.2. at IDS. At World of 3Shape visitors will meet and hear from industry leaders like Christian Coachman, Lee Culp, Jona- than L. Ferencz, Shin Jun Hyouk, dentistry. Learning to apply it effec- tively can make a world of difference to your laboratory and dental prac- tice. Therefore, visitors should not miss this unique opportunity to learn from the best in the business. Presen- tations will cover everything from guided surgery, 3-D printing and smile design to monolithic ceramics, same day dentistry CBCT scanning, anterior restorations with CAD/CAM Alan Jurim, Paulo Kano, Stefano Ne- grini, Loren Stumpf, Livio Yoshinaga, among other. They all will provide fo- cused presentations to help profes- sionals gain the same insight and technique that made them leaders in their respective fi elds and pioneers in digital dentistry. Tips and tricks to make practice workfl ows more time and cost effi cient will also be pre- sented. There is clearly no doubt that digital technology is revolutionising and many more. Lectures take place at every hour on every day during IDS. The best part is, however, that right after being inspired by one of the lectures, visitors can try out what they learned on one of 3Shape’s many demo work stations. (cid:26) 3Shape, Denmark Hall 4.2 Booth L090–N091 AD Sinuslift-Technology F D A - Z J E U T G Z E T L A S S E N Jeder-System: Minimal invasiver Sinuslift. Maximale visuelle Kontrolle. Sinuslift Workshops inkl. 3 Fortbildung-Punkte & Dinner Anmeldung unter 05.04.2017 Klagenfurt 15.09.2017 Waltrop 17.05.2017 Salzburg 29.09.2017 Innsbruck 24.05.2017 Hamburg 11.10.2017 Graz 10.06.2017 Bremen 14.11.2017 Klagenfurt BESTELLINFO Betrw. Reiner S. Bandorf, MBA, MSc Leiter Vertrieb Dental / Sales Director Jeder GmbH Stadtplatz 14 A-3400 Klosterneuburg / Wien Friedhofstraße 17 D-42781 Haan Mobil: +43 664 4012620 0123 Hersteller: BIEGLER GmbH, Allhangstrasse 18a, A - 3001 Mauerbach (cid:24) Obtained histomorphometric parameters for doped coating and titanium control. (cid:132) Implants have become a highly suc- cessful treatment for the loss of teeth. Despite high success rates, however, failures still do occur owing to poor osseointegration and infection. Late dental implant infection generally oc- curs after more than 1 year of place- ment and is termed plaque-induced peri-implantitis.1 Unfortunately, infection after sur- geries in cases where peri-implantitis has been diagnosed often reappears. It remains a challenge to fi nd an effi cient procedure to eradicate the bacteria surrounding the implant. In a study conducted by researchers from the University of the Basque Country in Spain, the coating of an implant with a material able to release an antimicro- bial agent for a long time in an effective dose was examined. The main goal was the development of an antibacte- rial hybrid sol-gel coating that could be applied to the infected implant in the dental practice. The fi lm must be cre- ated in the patient’s mouth, therefore the whole sol-gel process must be done in a short period of time (10 minutes) and at room temperature. Further- more, this new material must start to release the antimicrobial agent rap- idly. In the study, coatings were synthe- sised by the acid catalysis sol-gel method from a specifi c mixture of dif- ferent alkoxysilane precursors. This formulation was functionalised with a well-known antimicrobial molecule during the synthesis. The selection of the bactericide took into account the high effi ciency in the prevention and elimination of bacterial infections to- gether with a low citotoxicity. Tests were performed to deter- mine the chemical characterisation, the adhesion measurement, the biolog- ical evaluation, the concentration of re- leased drug as well as the bactericidal effi cacy. A transparent, homogeneous and uniform coating through which antimicrobial agents could be effec- tively immobilised was confi rmed from the chemical and morphological characterization. Moreover, the mole- cules inclusion was made without al- tering the material chemistry. Not one of the developed materials presented cytotoxic behaviour, since all of them induced cell viability higher than 70 % as compared to con- trol. The semi-quantitative analysis of foreign body reaction showed similar values for coatings and titanium con- trol implants, which were all classifi ed as slightly irritant materials. Comparing the behaviour of coat- ing and control, the researchers found that both materials showed similar be- haviour of inducing osseointegration. In addition, all these results combined suggested that the osteoinduction abil- ity of coatings prevails over titanium osteoconduction ability. The study has shown therefore that the new doped silica sol-gel coatings provide an envi- ronment with antibacterial capacity to prevent and eliminate peri-implantitis when used in the dental practice. (cid:26) GMI – Ilerimplant, Spain Hall 2.1 Booth E020–F021 DENTAL-MISCHER MIT BIEGBARER KANÜLE INNOVATIVE MIXING TIP WITH BENDABLE CANNULA (cid:132) Der T-Mixer Colibri mit integrierter, um 360° drehbarer und biegbarer Ka- nüle zum Mischen und punktgenauen Applizieren von teuren Mehrkompo- nenten-Dentalmaterialien wurde spe- ziell für Präzisionsabformungen, Wur- zelkanalapplikationen und das Ze- mentieren entwickelt. Der Zahnarzt erhält damit von Sulzer Mixpac eine Mischkanüle, welche selbst an schwer erreichbaren Stellen ein ergonomi- sches und hoch professionelles Arbei- ten ermöglicht, ohne das Arbeitsum- feld verändern zu müssen. „Der sparsame T-Mixer Colibri ist eine ausgeklügelte Kombination unse- rer bewährtesten Produkte. Er über- nimmt die Geometrie des zuverläs- sigen T-Mixers und verbindet sie mit den Vorteilen unserer biegbaren Colibri-Applikationskanüle“, erklärt Martina Strasser, Global Head Sales von Sulzer Mixpac. „Die biegbare, sanft abgerundete medizinische Edel- stahlkanüle garantiert dank ihres konstanten Innendurchmessers, dass selbst in gebogenem Zustand ein homogenes, konstant ausgetragenes Mischergebnis erzielt wird.“ Nach Angaben des Unterneh- mens bringt der mehrfach ausgezeich- nete T-Mixer Colibri aufgrund seiner fortschrittlichen Technologie und der kompakten, kürzeren Bauform im Vergleich zur Helix- Mischkanüle eine Materialersparnis von bis zu 40 Pro- zent. Er ist mit allen MIXPAC-Kartu- schen von 2,5 bis 10 ml kompatibel. Die statischen Mischkanülen haben sich dank der Technologieführer- schaft des innovativen Schweizer Un- ternehmens weltweit einen Namen gemacht. Allein 2015 produzierte Sul- zer Mixpac insgesamt zwei Milliarden Präzisionskunststoffteile – Applikati- onsaufsätze, Mischkanülen, Kartu- schen und Austragsgeräte für Ein- und Mehrkomponentenmaterialien. Auch im Kampf gegen Produktkopierer ver- zeichnet Sulzer weitere Erfolge. (cid:26) (cid:132) Specifi cally designed for precision impression, root canal fi lling, and ce- mentations, the T-Mixer Colibri from Sulzer Mixpac features an integrated 360° rotatable and bendable cannula for precise application of costly multi-component materials. Its mixing tip allows for an ergonomic posture and highly professional work, even when treating diffi cult to reach areas, so changes to the working environ- ment are not necessary, according to the company. “The economical T-Mixer Colibri ingeniously combines two of our most successful products. It merges the reli- ability of the T-Mixer’s geometry with all the advantages of our bendable Colibri. The result is a consistent, ho- mogenous application — even when bended — thanks to the stainless steel medical cannula’s uniform internal diameter,” explained Martina Strasser, Sulzer Mixpac’s Global Head of Sales. Compared to helix mixing tips, the T-Mixer Colibri which has received multiple awards uses up to 40 per cent less material thanks to its advanced technology and its compact, shorter de- sign, the company said. It is compatible with all 2.5–10 ml MIXPAC cartridges. international Sulzer’s static mixing tips have built an excellent reputation thanks to the innovative Swiss manu- facturer’s technological leadership. In 2015, it produced two billion plastic components such as applicator tips, mixing tips, cartridges, and dispensing devices for single- and multi-compo- nent materials. Sulzer has also achieved further success in its battle against producers of imitation prod- ucts. (cid:26) Sulzer, Mixpac Hall 3.2 Booth A040–B041 30 37th International Dental Show 2017 · 22. März 22 March

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